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World News Union online (Reporters: Qin SU, DongLi ZHANG) Toronto, Canada, March 15, 2023 – Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc., a US NASDAQ-listed company (the “Company”) (NASDAQ: VEDU) , an education provider headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and marketing partners in China, announced today that it has signed a formal agreement with the Asian Olympic Foundation and the Beijing Association for the Promotion of Olympics Related Culture to jointly establish the Olympic University of Canada to found.

To promote a global view of Olympic culture, support Canada’s development of national education, and educate sports talent, champions and management team members for the Olympic Games, the company is dedicated to promoting the Olympic spirit and the game. This agreement relates specifically to the construction of an Olympic University and Olympic International Schools.

Going forward, the Olympic University will gather world champions and sports talent and develop a vibrant education system that will allow Olympic champions and retired athletes to become part of a new alumni. On the campus, Olympic University plans to build a World Cup center, a training camp for the Games, and an Olympic cultural ecosystem. The combination of the three centers thus creates an education-research-production center. This plan received strong public support.

The Beijing Association for the Promotion of Olympics Related Culture is a member of the IOC global family. It was established in 2006 with the approval of the IOC and the Beijing Municipal Government. Its mission is to carry on the Olympic spirit, popularize Olympic ideology, actively exchange and cooperate with other international organizations and national Olympic committees, and jointly develop technology, education, equipment, facilities and talents within a standardized ecosystem.

The Asian Olympic Foundation is a registered organization in Hong Kong, China, supported by the Olympic Council of Asia. The foundation’s main goal is to develop Olympic culture, arts, education, sports, science and technology, and to promote and enhance the international sports of the Olympic Games.

Ms. Fan Zhou, Chief Executive Officer of the company, commented, “With the strong support of the public sector at large, the company has focused on education, garnered outstanding pedagogical talent from North America and around the world, and developed international educators ecosystem for Canada. We are actively expanding and researching through various international collaborations with world-leading institutes and schools. We intend to bring together global educational resources on a culturally diverse Canadian platform. The company’s mission is the pursuit of excellence. The fully developed international education in Canada aims to fulfill the dreams of students around the world. The company’s goal is for students to receive a better education.

It is our great honor to have the opportunity to work with the Asian Olympic Foundation and the Beijing Association for the Promotion of Olympics Related Culture to co-found and operate Olympic University and Olympic International High School in Canada. This is an important strategic step and an expansion of the company. We build a world-class education system and contribute to greater social and economic benefits. This will have great benefits for the community and the company itself.

Olympic International High School plans to enroll the first class of students in September 2023; Olympic University Canada plans to enroll the first batch of students in March 2024.

Ms. Zhou believes that Olympic University and Olympic International High School will not only promote the development of the company, but also will give strong support to the development of the sports industry. Through these international sporting events, study trips, research, summer and winter camps, the sport-related health industry will strengthen Canada’s education and the international sport industry in the future.

About Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc.

Visionary Education Technology Holdings Group Inc., headquartered in Toronto, ON Canada, is a private education provider that provides quality educational and industry resources to students around the world. The Company aims to provide students in Canada with access to secondary, college, undergraduate, tertiary and vocational education. Through technological innovations that meet industry standards, more people can learn, grow and thrive to realize their full career potential. As a fully integrated provider of educational programs and services in Canada, the Company has and will continue to serve both Canadian and international students and contribute to the industry. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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