With the development of the times, the rise of the knowledge economy and new companies, marketing is constantly changing and market competition is becoming more intense. Now, in the complex marketplace where national challenges and opportunities coexist, how can inkjet marking related companies differentiate themselves from the competition? How to highlight and share the knowledge and value of inkjet marking equipment products with consumers? How can the product penetrate the user’s consciousness and avoid homogenization and price wars? How to position the inkjet marking brand and get it out into the world? These are problems and puzzles in the development path of inkjet marking companies. BU Xiang, a well-known marketing expert in inkjet marking field in China, will discuss with you the confusions and solutions of inkjet marking company’s marketing.

BU Xiang has come a long and arduous journey from a green hand in inkjet marking to an independent marketing and technical talent. After graduating with a major in Marketing, BU Xiang accidentally joined Videojet (Shanghai) Marking Technology Co., Ltd. with his love for marketing. entered to work as sales specialist in CIJ production line, which officially opened its door to the field of Ink-Jet Marking. During this period, BU Xiang actively studied the relevant knowledge of inkjet marking and constantly deepened his understanding of the industry in the process of closing the sales deal. With excellent business skills, BU Xiang was promoted by Syntax Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. appointed and promoted from sales manager to sales manager in seven years. During this time he gained rich marketing experience in inkjet marking for actionable data. In 2015, BU Xiang joined Wuhan E-Read Marking Equipment Co., Ltd. as General Manager and Marketing Director of the company. So far he has already developed into a prominent marketing expert in the field of inkjet marking.

Nearly a decade of accumulation and precipitation, BU Xiang possessed a keen awareness of the development trend of inkjet marking industry, he noted that there are two major bottlenecks that limit the development of China’s inkjet marking industry, which are the lack of technological innovation or tough price competition among competitors.

Faced with the lack of technological innovation, BU Xiang, with his years of immersion in the inkjet marking industry and flexible thinking, took the initiative and developed and designed two technologies, namely “A Spray Printing Device with Movable Positioning for Foil Materials” and “A Visual Inspection Device for the Glass Fiber and cable production”. His research achievements were widely recognized by industry authorities after publication and also by E-read Marking Equipment Co., Ltd. purchased to put into production immediately, which had a significant impact on E-read Marking Equipment Co.,Ltd’s modernization of ink-jet marking equipment and the company’s marketing promotion. Obviously, BU Xiang’s series of innovative technologies has greatly improved the operating efficiency of inkjet marking equipment, and greatly improved the recognition success rate of inkjet printing, and promoted the technical innovation of E-Read Marking Equipment Co. GmbH. in the field of inkjet mark detection and inkjet printing, helped the company to quickly gain new market shares and led the company to embark on a new development path in the field of technical innovation.

Regarding the problem of fierce competition among peers, BU Xiang believes that developing “knowledge marketing” is the solution. At present, there are problems in enterprise marketing, such as B. Imperfect marketing systems, poor integration of marketing resources, immutable means of marketing, lack of relevance in marketing, and the rapid development of modern social technologies, leading to a “lag perception” of consumers to high-tech products. Therefore, it is necessary for modern marketing to spread brands and products through “knowledge”. Based on this, BU Xiang, with years of marketing experience in inkjet marking, developed and designed “Intelligent Marketing Strategy Analysis System Based on Data Mining”, “Intelligent Target Market User Development System” and other technologies of developing personalized advertising and marketing plans through in-depth analysis of user portraits, making knowledge marketing more accurate and flexible. His research achievements in intelligent marketing have been highly praised by his peers, and BU Xiang has been recognized as the “Marketing Scientific and Technological Innovation Pioneer” during the 14th Five-Year Plan. He also received the title “Outstanding Innovation Achievements in Scientific and Technological Innovation in the Field of Marketing in 2021” for his technical achievement “Intelligent Marketing Strategy Analysis System Based on Data Mining”. After that, his influence in the marketing industry deepened. In addition, BU Xiang has been invited to serve as an expert judge for relevant organizations and events in the field of inkjet marking, as he has excellent business skills to provide professional guidance for the successful implementation of various activities.

“Technological innovation is the driving source for the development of inkjet marking companies, while personalized knowledge marketing is the key to control the complex market and realize high growth potential of the market. The two complements are indispensable.” BU Xiang said that he will continue to lead and implement the company’s marketing activities with the innovative intelligent marketing concept to maximize the value of knowledge, transform the value of customers, thus realizing enterprise value. (Author: LI Zijie)

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