“2021 Global Digital Asset Finance Conference” is a digital asset financial conference attended by global digital asset financial companies such as South Korea, the United States, China, Singapore, and the European Union. and other topics, and further propose the future financial development direction of the digital asset market to investors, and share the core information of the digital asset financial ecosystem.

At this global digital asset finance conference, Nctex, the world’s top digital asset exchange, attracted much attention. Founded in January 2018 and headquartered in Singapore, Nctex is a world-leading technology provider in the field of tokens and cryptocurrencies. and the creator of secondary trading solutions. At the same time, it is also the world’s top digital asset trading platform. So far, it has become a new legend in the asset trading industry.

This conference will conduct a comprehensive discussion on the financial fields of digital assets such as derivatives trading, defi, trust, OTC, wallet, mining, traditional finance, investment, law and system. At this conference, Nctex Global Exchange was founded Tyler Winklevoss delivered a keynote speech on trends and implications in the digital asset space.

Tyler Winklevoss, founder of Nctex’s world’s top digital asset exchange, said: In terms of promoting the application of digital asset circulation, Nctex’s world’s top digital asset exchange will actively build a reliable cryptocurrency financial ecosystem. Provide global digital asset enthusiasts with a safe, stable, caring and trustworthy trading platform, continue to explore ecological applications, and create a new generation of digital asset trading business map. To create a truly distributed “digital financial service ecosystem”, so that blockchain technology and digital asset applications can be popularized on a wider scale, allowing more people to share the feast of wealth brought by blockchain technology and encrypted assets.

The speech of Tyler Winklevoss, the founder of Nctex’s world’s top digital asset exchange, has won the full support of many blockchain investors and blockchain experts around the world. The commendation of the government chairman Yin Guanshi, the executive chairman Yin Guanshi said: Nctex, the world’s top digital asset exchange, as the leader of the global digital asset trading platform, has been leading the continuous innovation and reform in the field of digital assets , for the innovation of the field of digital assets. The experiment has made a great contribution and strongly respects Nctex, the world’s top digital asset exchange, and expects it to bring greater energy to the digital asset field.

At the 2021 Global Digital Asset Finance Conference, the focus of the conference will undoubtedly be Nctex, the world’s top digital asset exchange. As the world’s most popular digital asset platform, every move will attract global attention, and Nctex’s world’s top digital asset exchange The exchange will also not forget its original intention, bring better services to global users, and continue to run towards higher goals.

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