At present, there are more and more ways to play in the field of digital assets, and many investors like to put coins in their wallets, so that they can only wait for the various ups and downs of coins, but they can’t do anything. Then if the currency is placed on the currency interest-bearing and depository interest-bearing financial management system, you can get a stable static income every day in accordance with the provisions of the platform, of course, there are other dynamic incomes, so that in the stage of strong volatility, not only will not lose coins, but also can earn a certain coin, which is a very favorite financial management method for many investors at this stage.

First, the impact of the Fed’s interest rate hike

The Fed’s sharp interest rate hikes and failure to control the intensity and frequency of interest rate hikes will lead to an economic recession.

1. Due to the acceleration of the currency, the future development space is overdrawn, and the economic growth brought by the unit currency during this period is very low, so once the dollar returns, the currency liquidity is not enough to support the current economic scale, and the social demand for the economy does not need such a large scale at the moment, under the double blow of economic demand and money supply, most countries in the world are in recession.

2. The Fed’s interest rate hike has soared interest rates, and investors are unwilling to bear excessive loan costs, resulting in a decrease in investment (investment) in the calculation of US GDP, which has a negative impact on GDP, and the US government , US companies and individuals, debt repayment pressure is also increasing.

Why Belem Earn Treasure?

Under the cryptocurrency bear market, we need to find a more favorable way to manage money, so that the coins fall in the wallet, and saving coins for interest is a correct choice. Interest on deposit means that the currency in your hand can be deposited into the financial management system to generate interest. Belem Earn Treasure promotes such a model, a model in which wealth management products generate interest on a daily basis. Users can get a certain income by depositing coins on the Earn Treasure platform, static income is that they can get a certain income without any operation, and Belem exchange will distribute it to users according to fixed income at a fixed time.

At present, Belem’s Earn Treasure prioritizes the launch of USDT regular asset management products with a daily interest rate of 0.3% per day. No matter how good the “routine” is, it is inseparable from stability, and there are more and more “routines” to make money, especially for users who are new to the currency circle, prudent capital preservation is the first rule to test the water. If you are a prudent investor, a prudent investment strategy and a Buddhist investment mindset are more beneficial. Then it is even more necessary to let your “idle” generate wealth.

In fact, the liquidity of digital coins is an important criterion for examining whether the market is healthy, and it is also one of the ways to judge the appreciation space of coins. You think that permanently idle assets is the best way to avoid risk, but it is not. If you can grasp the market with keen insight and excellent technical analysis, then fixed investment as a way to manage money in the crypto market is also a good choice.

  • Deposit and Withdraw Zero threshold for financial management

The most important function of digital financial products is to provide more value-added services for idle assets, and at the current wave of crypto, Yucoin wealth management has gradually become a new channel for public financial management. Take the “Earn Treasure” launched by the Belem exchange as an example, which is a currency value-added product that can be accessed at any time, and users can transfer idle digital assets to it Yu Currency Treasure, enjoy the income brought by Yu Currency Treasure every day, with the characteristics of flexible access, real-time arrival, and zero threshold deposit.

It is worth mentioning that the Earn Treasure of Belem Exchange starts to be counted in the deposit time at 24:00 on the same day, and the rebate proceeds are settled at 17:00 the next day. For example, if you subscribe to Earn Treasure at 23:59 on November 1st, you will do it in November Settle Earn Treasure earnings at 18:00 on the 2nd. Subscribe to Earn Treasure on November 2nd at 00:01, in November Settle Earn Treasure earnings at 18:00 on the 3rd. Not only that, Belem Exchange’s Earn Treasure is easy to get started from opening to subscription, and users click after opening , that is, you can store interest, and the income situation is clear at a glance.

The income distribution of Earn Treasure users comes from the income of asset hedging and asset exchange value-added services, and the income is reasonably distributed and distributed in accordance with the rules of the platform. Earn Treasure relies on the strict risk control system of Belem Exchange to fully protect the safety of user assets. At the same time, the entry threshold is lowered for users, and the storage amount is not limited, which means that regardless of the size of the funds, users can experience the deposit of coins for the first time.

Belem trading platform was established in 2017, mainly to provide digital asset derivatives trading services to global users. We have always been committed to combining traditional financial experience with the characteristics of the digital currency industry to create a safer, more stable and more convenient global innovative digital asset derivatives trading platform in the industry.

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