In-depth report of the meta-universe game (TUG):

The meta-universe game is a cross-chain protocol based on the meta-universe, providing a decentralized, secure, and fast bridging solution. The goal of the meta-universe game is to create a decentralized meta-universe world based on web 3.0; and within its worldview, to realize cross-chain asset management and data aggregation predictive analysis between multiple heterogeneous chains through cross-chain bridges so as to create a value network of the blockchain meta-universe.

The meta-universe game aims to conquer the $140 billion gaming industry through blockchain technology, where with nearly a third of the planet’s population now playing video games. It means that 2.1 billion people play at least once a month. meta-universe game is a complete ecosystem that developers can use to support their business.

The project owner of the meta-universe game said that BELEM is one of the top international exchanges and being able to make a global debut at BELEM has largely confirmed the industry’s recognition of the meta-universe game. We are confident to carry out a disruptive change in the gaming industry and break the monopoly pattern of the traditional gaming industry!

Why is the subscription of new coins a good way to invest?

When new coins are released, they usually have an incredible pattern of certain rise! Coupled with the market maker effect caused by investors’ favour, the price of the coins keeps increasing. Therefore, the subscription of new coins is a very low-risk way to gain a spread between the primary and secondary markets of cryptocurrencies. It is not involved in secondary market speculation, which means that not only the principal is very safe, but the return is also relatively stable, making it an ideal investment choice for stable investors.

Notes on subscriptions:

Investors should first understand the subscription rules of the listed token and the minimum number of subscriptions required by BELEM; secondly, they should note that for a new coin, an account can only subscribe once.

At present, BELEM will soon launch the meta-universe game (TUG). You can check the subscription eligibility and make a subscription on the BELEM website subscription page or the client-side.

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