The world coldly splits under a digitized coordinate system. The advent of the digital age has left the future development of global crypto asset trading inexperienced. So how should major trading platforms grasp the current situation in order to develop better?


THE BELEM PLATFORM ANSWER IS “USER”. It is reported that BELEM, as a world-class comprehensive crypto asset trading platform, has always considered “users first” as its core value and strives to create an emotional connection with users. The VIP-level Rights and Interests feature of the BELEM platform is a profound expression of BELEM’s deep insight into user needs and breaking down user pain points.

According to the BELEM scientific research team, the BELEM VIP level function starts with the transaction rights and value-added system, provides VIP users with diversified privileges, is the BELEM platform for studying user habits, according to the research feedback and scientific research results obtained afterward have been repeated tweaking and testing. BELEM said that the fruit of excellence must be returned to every user, and its value is to provide users with beautiful product experiences and services.

Standardize the system to ensure user rights and interests are maximized

BELEM VIP adopts a hierarchical system and opens a series of privileges for V IP users, which are mainly reflected in three aspects: transactions, rewards and added value for users, and the specific VIP level rules are described as follows:

1.VIP set to (VIP1-VIP9) 9 levels, the higher the user level, the greater the transaction fee discount and VIP benefits

The 2.VIP level system has two upgrade paths, one is to require users to participate in platform transactions, and the other is to reach a certain number of invited activators, and everyone can go to the corresponding VIP level be upgraded. Please refer to the for details [BELEM VIP User Privilege Table].

3. Different levels of BELEM VIP enjoy the corresponding privileges, please see [BELEM VIP User Exclusive Rights Table] for details

4. VIP users can view the real-time level, tariff and upgrade conditions [Account Security].

5. The promotion is valid from today

V.I.PClass activationnumber USDTtrading volume V.I.Pbonus V.I.PAdditional Benefits V.I.Preward Sign inreward
VIP1 8th $3000 TILLIONS 0.90% 10% 10 0.2
VIP2 24 10000 USDT billion 0.85% fifteen% 30 0.5
VIP3 50 $30000 TILLIONS 0.80% 20% 100 1
VIP4 120 $100000 TILLIONS 0.75% 25% 300 2
VIP5 240 $300000 TILLIONS 0.70% 30% 600 5
VIP6 500 $900000 TILLIONS 0.60% 40% 1000 10
VIP7 1000 $3000000 TILLIONS 0.50% 50% 2000 20
VIP8 2000 $9000000 TILLIONS 0.40% 60% 5000 40
VIP9 3000 $27000000 TILLIONS 0.30% 70% 10000 88

Note: table of exclusive benefits for BELEM VIP users

Exclusive services to unlock more exclusive benefits

From the official description of BELEM, it says that in addition to the above benefits, BELEM VIP can also unlock other benefits and exclusive services to meet your various transaction and financial needs.

The exclusive benefits for BELEM VIP users are as follows:

1. Platform Trading Rights

· Reduced transaction fees by up to 70%.

BELEM VIP can reduce the processing fee for all types of currency transactions on the platform by up to 70%

· High interest rates and extra income

BELEM VIP can enjoy regular high-yield banking while earning additional income up to 70%.

Exclusive Rewards

Upgrade to the appropriate VIP level to get the appropriate rewards

Check-in Bonuses

Upgrade to the appropriate VIP level to receive various check-in rewards

Exclusive trading activities

From time to time we hold exclusive trading events for VIP users and VIPs can enjoy customized gameplay and rewards

2. Platform for ecological rights and interests

BELEM Global Partners

BELEM VIP can become a global partner, engage in community building and get exclusive discounts

· BELEM offline summit private banquet

BELEM will hold offline summit meetings, high-end salons, seminars and exchanges from time to time, and VIPs can attend first

  • Additional added value

· BELEM’s authoritative finance team will provide you with exclusive trading instructions to help you make more accurate investments

VIP users can share industry dynamics and privileged information here, and also enjoy the knowledge accumulation of the platform’s highly informative knowledge

· Providing a wealth of industry exchange platforms and cooperation opportunities

Stick to the original intent and build a comprehensive crypto asset trading platform trusted by the world

Since its inception in 2017, BELEM has always been committed to building a one-stop blockchain trading platform with security at its core, providing a one-stop shop for a wide range of blockchain asset services to millions of cryptocurrency users around the world Crypto asset financial services such as forex trading, contract trading, C2C, OTC and wealth management.

BELEM has more than 8 million users in 120 countries around the world. Such a huge layout and number of users are inseparable from BELEM’s strong technical support. Coming from Google, Oracle, SoftBank, Citi and other top 500 internet finance venture capital firms, BELEM’s research team has extensive experience in high-frequency trading, security protection and underlying architecture development, and continues to innovate through the power of technology based on continued technical development.

The world is changing rapidly and the trading market is constantly opening up new opportunities. According to BELEM management, the platform will be ready for listing in 2023. BELEM will continue to uphold the value of “users first” in the future, provide diversified development services, provide users with more convenient and secure products, and play a diversified international financial ecosystem for the circulation of BELEM digital assets, becoming a new benchmark in the digital age !

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