Nansha, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau and the Nansha District People’s Government of Guangzhou City released the announcement of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Innovation Cooperation Demonstration Zone International Urban Design Competition, the future-oriented and innovative urban design from the registration of domestic and foreign design institutions. The institution that receives the right to integrate and optimize the competition results can receive a fee of RMB 2.6 MILLION YUAN (¥ 2,600,000.00).

6 institutions are invited to participate in the competition. 3 winning programs will be selected and participating institutions may receive a fee of RMB 1.6 million YUAN (¥ 1,600,000.00). Only one winning program will be determined to win the right to integrate and optimize the competition results, which can receive a total fee of RMB 2.6 million YUAN (¥ 2,600,000.00). Each participating institution of the effective design result can receive compensation of RMB 1 million YUAN (¥ 1,000,000.00).

The scope of the competition is divided into the two levels of overall conception and detailed design. The overall concept covers an area of ​​around 71 square kilometers south of Bayong (8th Canal), west of Longxue South Waterway, east of Hongqili Waterway and north of Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge. The detailed design covers south of Shiwuyong (the 15th Canal) and west of Lingxin Avenue and covers an area of ​​about 8 square kilometers, says the Nansha Branch of the Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau here.

The requirements for the overall concept are that the opportunities, such as the successive realization of large transport infrastructure and the closer connection of the elements of the inner bay district with the population in the Greater Bay Area, are used, the vision and positioning of the planning under the premise of creating a Landscape pattern, the sea, river, field, city and wetland according to the new situation of regional development. The requirements for maximum CO2 emissions and green development are implemented and the overall urban feature, the residential environment, the supporting services, the ecological environment and the traffic are optimized and improved.

Nansha, Guangzhou

In addition, on the basis of the overall concept, the requirements for detailed planning are to be analyzed and detailed planning carried out, including functional format planning, area optimization, building intensity, vertical planning, traffic organization, public relations, service facility planning, open space and urban development control, according to the functional orientation of the detailed design area of 8 square kilometers and the assumption of the need for commercial space. At the same time, no less than one knot should be selected for the in-depth design.

It is said that the registration time is from 10:00 am on July 13th to 5:00 pm on August 3rd, 2021 (Beijing time). The official release meeting of the technical document will tentatively take place on August 10, 2021. The deadline for submitting the results is provisionally set at the end of October. Participating institutions should refer to the website of the Guangzhou Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau (website:, the People’s Government of Guangzhou Nansha District (website:, China Tendering and Bidding Public Service Platform (website: and Guangzi Electronic Bidding Platform (website: to receive the detailed announcement and registration documents for the competition.

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