GameFi short video platform Cheelee has announced that its CHEEL token became the first among gaming metaverse cryptocurrencies, according to Investorplace and Markets Businessinsider. Additionally, CryptoDaily has published a rating of 5 emerging cryptocurrencies to look for in 2023, with CHEEL token ranking 1st. This review was recorded and published by CoinMarketCap. Cheelee could well become the #1 video platform in the years to come and revolutionize the social media market by adding an income element from watching the feed to its users’ daily activity. Everything is easy. Users simply scroll through their favorite content and earn while viewing the feed.

Cheelee is a revolutionary GameFi short video platform that has strong potential to steal all of its competitors’ audiences in the years to come. Cheelee lowers the barrier to Web3 and cryptocurrency adoption by enabling a global audience of 4.6 billion social media users to earn money while watching their favorite videos. The app is easy to use and free of charge as all users get free NFT glasses right after registration. Later they can increase their earnings with higher quality NFTs and a range of gaming tools, and of course they can become creators and earn additional income.

CHEEL token really has strong potential to become a particularly profitable investment in 2023 as Cheelee is the first blockchain project with a potential audience half the size of humanity! Thanks to GameFi mechanics, Cheelee opens access to crypto to all users of social networks, thus bringing cryptocurrencies to mass adoption quickly and easily.

If Cheelee attracts at least a fifth of TikTok users in two years to come, CHEEL will make over 1000 xs. Still, its potential is much higher since no social network has offered its users such earning opportunities before. According to NewsBTC editors, CHEEL token will bring an end to the long crypto winter.

On February 22nd, the Cheelee app was added to Google Play and will be available on the App Store in early April. The application has an AI-based innovative personalized recommendation system and machine learning on board. Cheelee is protected from farms and bots, so all tokens are always fairly earned.

Cheelee has a sustainable financial model: it is primarily a social network, so up to 40% of Cheelee’s total revenue comes from revenue sources unrelated to NFT sales, i.e. advertising, in-app purchases and collaborations with brands . For example, for Move-2-Earn apps, this figure is only 1%. Most of its revenue (100% of NFT sales and platform transaction fees, and 70% of advertising revenue and in-app purchases) goes into the Stability Fund, which protects the CHEEL’s price from investor sentiment and deep dips. CHEEL is currently listed on Coinsbit and BitMart, and within a month of starting trading, the token showed an increase of more than x75.

Cheelee’s revolutionary approach is called attention economy. This concept was first proposed by Herbert Simon in the 1970s. So attention is the new economy’s most valuable resource as it’s becoming scarce, so people should be paid for their attention. That’s exactly what Cheelee is doing, solving the global problem of impending unemployment created by the introduction of AI.

In 2022, the app has attracted $22.75 million: VC Sila and Veligera – $8 million in capital investment; 6 VC funds – $3.75M in token allocation, the company’s founders – $11M at launch of the project. If you are still looking for your crypto gem, don’t miss your chance because the early bird catches the worm while CHEEL could soon rise to the top of the global cryptocurrency leaderboard. This is probably one of those cryptocurrencies that will later be spoken of as a legend and investors have a real chance of making capital from it.

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