To advance global sustainability, CLOVER CARBON EXCHANGE (CCE) announces the launch of its innovative app, Clover Infinity. This platform is not just an application but represents the future where technology meets sustainability.

CLOVER CARBON EXCHANGE (CCE) has been a critical player in global efforts to achieve carbon neutrality through carbon trading, but its mission goes beyond creating a sustainable ecosystem. With Clover Infinity, CCE incentivizes users to adopt eco-friendly and low-carbon behaviors, supporting its mission.

At the heart of the “CCE Ecosystem” is a walk-to-earn app called “Clover Infinity,” which rewards users with Carbon Reduction Tokens (CRT) for environmentally friendly actions. These CRTs serve as a gateway to a world where sustainability intersects with technology – redeemable in our affiliated e-commerce stores for sustainable products, donations to environmental organizations or participation in carbon securities trading.

“Green, low-carbon action, the public is key.” CLOVER CARBON EXCHANGE is committed to catalyzing changes in public awareness, behavior and demand, which are critical drivers of environmental progress. CRTs are an essential part of the ecosystem that CLOVER CARBON EXCHANGE has created. In the future, CRTs will be linked to Clover Infinity Tokens (CIT) and leverage blockchain technology to not only create more use cases but also drive new rules for carbon markets.

The vision of the “CCE Ecosystem” is to connect diverse ecosystem partners and leverage technologies to address challenges in voluntary carbon markets, such as: B. Lack of transparency, monitoring the effectiveness of carbon reduction projects and preventing “carbon raids”.

Paul Newman, Chief Strategic Officer of CLOVER CARBON EXCHANGE, said: “We believe that everyone's small steps can lead to global progress.” The Clover Infinity app embodies our philosophy and incentivizes the public to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The Clover Infinity app is now available on the App Store and Google Play and is accessible to users on both iOS and Android systems. CLOVER CARBON EXCHANGE believes in each individual's ability to create change, and Clover Infinity is the key to unlocking that potential.

For more information about Clover Infinity and how you can join the green movement, visit [].


CLOVER CARBON EXCHANGE (CCE) is an innovative global carbon exchange founded in Seychelles in 2020 and headquartered in California, USA. The team consists of carbon market experts, financial experts and technology specialists and facilitates transactions of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. CCE is committed to achieving global carbon neutrality through carbon trading and creating a sustainable ecosystem that rewards environmental investments and behavior. With the launch of “Clover Infinity,” CCE reaffirms its mission to advance the green revolution one step at a time.

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