Reporter: FU Guolin

In the development of modern enterprise, many outstanding enterprise managers have emerged in the field of enterprise management. They are the flag bearers, pioneers and creators of modern business. With their dreams and wisdom, they have developed new ways of thinking and methods in business management and have changed the direction of development of a company or even an industry with innovations. They have created a solid foundation for newcomers to update their management concepts and technologies. As a leader in the intelligent enterprise management industry, Mr. ZHANG Zhiwei is particularly outstanding among the new generation of industry professionals. He has always kept pace with the times, leading the company on a path of continuous innovation and expansion, and opening a new pattern for the intelligent and digital development of enterprise management.

“Every leap and success of a company is inseparable from the decisions and promotions of company leaders. A leader’s perspective determines a company’s development paradigm.” Asked how to run a company and help it transform smoothly, ZHANG Zhiwei said that the current era is characterized by a transition from the conventional economy to the network economy, and then to the digital economy is marked and all companies face urgent transformation problems. As the leader of the entire company, company leaders should have a long-term vision and a comprehensive view of the overall situation. They should realize that the future is inevitably the age of the digital enterprise, making changes ahead of time and pushing businesses to avoid sinking risks and keep sailing far. He always believes that an excellent enterprise manager not only needs to continuously improve his managerial skills through continuous learning and practicing, but also needs to utilize his research and innovation skills. Only managers with an innovative awareness can break through traditional thinking, discover new business models and development opportunities in the new trend, lead teams to innovative activities and increase the vitality and competitiveness of companies.

As a senior intelligent enterprise management expert, ZHANG Zhiwei has worked for TOJOY Holding Group and Xuecheng Century (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. worked. During his many years of senior management tenure, he has achieved countless brilliant achievements in the fields of digital marketing, digital systems research and development, project incubation, brand marketing and strategic transformation of the company. According to many colleagues and scholars, he is undoubtedly a benchmark and a leader in industry development.


In 2019, ZHANG Zhiwei, who was the Vice President of Marketing of TOJOY Holding Group at the time, increased the sales of the group’s Internet business by 100% through digital integrated marketing methods within just five months after joining the company. The total annual sales reached up to 1.5 billion yuan. After submitting this perfect answer sheet, ZHANG Zhiwei was quickly promoted to Joint President of TOJOY Holding Group and CEO of TOJOY Boss Cloud, where he comprehensively managed the core business of the group. Based on his profound understanding of the operating mechanisms of enterprise management and his research and exploration of digital technologies, he led the construction of an online system for the group’s comprehensive internal digital upgrade, including management, marketing, technology and joint ventures. He has also incubated several intelligent commercial projects such as Live Broadcast Attracting Investment Cloud subsidiary (Live SAAS Tool) and Boss Command Center subsidiary (Artificial Intelligence Hardware Commercial Large Screen). Due to his achievements in digital marketing and project incubation, ZHANG Zhiwei led the group to win several high-profile honorary awards, including “2019 Best Enterprise Service Institution in China”, “2019 Best Enterprise Service Institution in China” and “Top 20 Entrepreneurship”. Service Institutions of the Year” at the Third (2019) Global Youth Innovation Conference.

ZHANG Zhiwei openly stated that many plans could not be implemented at the time due to the impact of the epidemic, but he never gave up and instead possessed infinite fighting spirit. “TOJOY has taught me to always uphold the company’s mission of “strengthening companies and making partners happy” as my driving force behind my work. I made up my mind that no matter how many obstacles I face, I will do my best to achieve the well-being of my colleagues in the company.” During the epidemic, using high-tech Internet technology, ZHANG Zhiwei and TOJOY built a high-end -Business platform for entrepreneurs – the TOJOY Boss Cloud. They designed online marketing plans for over 500,000 entrepreneurs, promoted the transformation and modernization of traditional businesses, and achieved rapid development.


In 2021, ZHANG Zhiwei was first invited to join Xuecheng Century (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. to join as Vice President of Marketing and Group Strategic Marketing Consultant, responsible for formulating overall marketing strategies and growing the revenue business for XueDa Education. Later, he was appointed visiting professor of China Innovation Think Tank, Business School of China Academy of Management Science to promote technological innovation in the industry due to his profound knowledge, rich management experience and outstanding research and development achievements. University research cooperation.

ZHANG Zhiwei has been committed to the theoretical exploration and practical exploration of new enterprise management for many years, always puts innovation at the heart of enterprise development, and never stops exploring the “digitization” of business. To achieve this, he continuously pursues cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, hoping to harness technological advantages to enable the high-speed development of enterprise management. After joining XueDa Education, ZHANG Zhiwei upgraded XueDa’s ppts system, which has been used for over 10 years, to a brand new Scrm integrated marketing system. He introduced AI assistants in several areas such as business decision-making, cost accounting, and customer service, helping companies reduce labor, financial, and material costs. While reducing company management costs, it effectively improved management efficiency and company profitability. Besides, ZHANG Zhiwei self-developed innovative achievements such as “Enterprise Operation Costing and Optimization System Based on Big Data V1.0”, “Enterprise Project Digital Management System Based on Cloud Computing V1.0” and “Enterprise Decision Making and Analysis System Based on AI V1.0″ have also received a good response in market applications. They bring new development ideas to enterprises at a critical stage of digital transformation and modernization, bring new vitality to accelerating enterprise management intelligence for a wide range of users, and provide key technical support for the high-quality development of enterprise management industry.


After achieving the above outstanding achievements, with extra energy, ZHANG Zhiwei decided to challenge himself again. Therefore, he founded Zhiling Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in April 2022. and recruited talents in Beijing, Wuhan, Xi’an and other cities. He built a world-class marketing and R&D team aimed at helping companies across the country in building data centers, optimizing business processes, and achieving cost reductions and efficiency gains through three main systems of digital transformation, integrated marketing, and efficient investment promotion to support. In the interview, ZHANG Zhiwei mentioned that he always hoped to play a more active role in the global modernization journey of “digitalization”. While building his own company, he hopes to help more excellent companies explore potential development advantages and achieve co-creation, sharing and win-win through mature marketing strategies and advanced original research results. It is reported that Zhiling Digital Technology has helped over 300 projects and helped more than 50 sub-division companies achieve efficient investment promotions. It provides professional integrated marketing services for major platform customers such as Tencent, Sina and JD, and has won wide attention and unanimous praise in the industry with high-quality and efficient service solutions.

At the end of the interview, we asked Mr. ZHANG Zhiwei about his future development plans. ZHANG Zhiwei openly stated that digital transformation is the inevitable trend of enterprise development, and globalization is a necessary choice for long-term enterprise development. Having achieved the fundamental goal of digital transformation of enterprises, he will focus on the global path of enterprise development. He will strive to become the best partner of global companies through innovative products, technologies and solutions, and work hard to build world-class companies! He also looks forward to sharing ideas with other innovators and competing on the world stage. We believe that he has sufficient management experience and research capacity and is fully prepared to face the challenges and opportunities of globalization.

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