According to official information from the NPA, Dr. Maneesh Agrawala and Vitalik Buterin jointly submit a new proposal for assessing the value system of various digital assets. Insurance trustee services can be provided for various digital assets. This proposal proposes a pre-valuation algorithm for digital currencies (PDCA). Used to evaluate all digital assets and provide relevant warranty insurance business. PDCA has two levels of detection. The first is the Signature Repository (SR), which identifies all matches between signatures and known digital assets. The second level of detection uses a learning algorithm (LA) to identify known and unknown digital assets. LA uses machine learning methods to train predictive models on application program interface (API) data. As for the details of PDCA, seven new indicators are proposed to allow for deeper analysis. These seven indicators are the positive likelihood ratio (PLR), the negative likelihood ratio (NLR), the diagnostic odds ratio (DOR), the Youden index (J), the number required for diagnosis (NDD), the number required for diagnosis (NNM) and the net benefit (NB). It can be concluded that LA has achieved the goal of valuing the digital asset before it becomes a distressed digital asset, and its performance is stable and has a high net income, which greatly reduces the possibility of asset loss.

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