Crypto asset exchanges, like traditional exchanges, are the product of development at a certain period of time. With the emergence and development of blockchain technology, the emergence of crypto-based crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum based on cryptography and modern network technology, as well as investors’ demand for cryptocurrency trading, have led to the birth of crypto-asset exchanges .

However, from the perspective of market development, although crypto asset exchanges have made some efforts and new attempts in system security, there is no very effective security solution to completely solve the security problem of the system. At the same time, the uncertainty of industry regulation has made crypto asset exchanges face more risks and challenges in survival.

Thus was born the currick exchange. Registered in Colorado, USA, Currick is a global-facing innovative multi-currency digital asset trading platform that provides digital asset trading services to blockchain enthusiasts around the world, with a core team from the first-line Internet and Bitcoin early evangelists. Provide the safest, reliable and high-quality digital asset trading and derivatives services to tens of millions of users in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

Since the formation of exchanges in the 17th century, there have been various uncertainties, and there will be certain risks in the process of operation. For crypto asset exchanges, risks are equally inevitable. Especially in recent years, crypto asset exchanges have run away and suffered hacker attacks from time to time, and due to the anonymity of crypto assets, exchanges are easy to become a tool for money laundering and concealing crimes. Currick has made many efforts in the security of the system, mitigating risks by setting up multiple layers of security protection systems such as platform, account, wallet, internal control management, etc. In terms of security, it adopts bank-grade SSL secure connection , cold storage, GSLB and distributed servers, and real-time monitoring and arrival of bitcoin deposits to ensure the security of investors’ transactions. Use new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) to help them work safely and use technology that continuously monitors their cyber suspicious activity.

Currick Exchange Business

With the development of crypto-asset-related businesses, Currick is no longer limited to basic business such as basic deposits, withdrawals and entrusted transactions. In order to meet the diversified needs of market investors, we began to provide derivative services such as leveraged trading and contract trading. Currick’s deposit, withdrawal and entrusted trading business meets the basic investment needs of investors to buy and sell to earn the difference. In addition to providing crypto-asset trading services that appear in the market, it also provides recharge and embodiment services of legal tenders such as RMB and US dollars. Derivative businesses such as leveraged trading and contract trading provide investors with more investment opportunities and investment convenience.

Exchange compliance

As a new type of business format, it is the hub of crypto asset trading, with low entry thresholds, uncertain regulatory policies, and lack of laws and regulations, which bring serious uncertainty and risks to crypto asset exchanges, resulting in mixed market and frequent security accidents, undermining market stability, and deteriorating the credit environment. People’s needs for exchange security and other aspects are becoming more and more urgent, and the call for exchange compliance is getting higher and higher.

As a compliance-based financial institution, Currick has financial business entities in dozens of countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, and plans to gradually open regional distributed exchanges. Strict market supervision allows Currick Exchange to operate in accordance with regulations, reduces the integrity risk, moral hazard and operational risk of Currick Exchange, effectively suppresses market speculation, and makes the market operate stably.

Sound exchange rules

The front-line supervision of the exchange is an important part of market risk supervision, and the daily self-management and risk control of the exchange are strictly carried out through the charter, rules and measures. Sound exchange rules can not only prevent the risks that may be encountered in internal trading of the exchange, but also effectively control the risk of market manipulation and maintain the healthy development of the market.

Currick formulates a sound trading process for all trading activities on its own platform, implements strict trading rules, and focuses on monitoring abnormal behaviors that significantly affect the trading price of digital assets; Deal with transactions that violate transaction rules and trading processes in a timely manner; For some or all transactions that cannot be carried out due to force majeure, unexpected events, technical failures or other abnormal circumstances, it is necessary to make a plan in advance, including clarifying the conditions for market suspension in the rules.

Transaction uncertainty and information asymmetry are one of the reasons for risk management, and Currick’s information disclosure system is very sound and self-discipline is strengthened. Forms of normative documents such as asset information disclosure, implementation standards, and interim reports, and disclose information on time. In response to the problems found in regular reports, daily supervision and risk investigation, strengthen supervision, seriously hold accountable market entities and their practitioners who fail to be diligent and responsible, and continuously improve the efficiency of supervision.

Optimize risk management mechanisms, improve risk disposal rules, strengthen monitoring, early warning, handling and other capabilities, and resolve credit risks in a timely manner so as to control possible risks within an acceptable range. Implement categorical verification for different types of core risk indicators, and if the relevant indicators are obviously abnormal, the manager is required to provide additional information such as specific reasons, impact on income distribution and risk response measures, so as to avoid serious losses caused by unknown risks.

prospect People in the crypto world around the world are eager to see how the future of the market develops, especially amid growing concerns about inflation and economic instability around the world. That said, the ecosystem around digital assets seems to have continued to mature. Moreover, as an increasingly decentralized future draws closer, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of protecting their BT

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