Reporter: Meng Zhaoyan

As a result of globalization, the procurement industry has undergone enormous changes. During this transformation process, Huang Jianxin, deputy procurement director of Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co., Ltd., has gained wide attention in the industry and beyond by leveraging his deep industry knowledge and innovative solutions to drive numerous new projects. Huang Jianxin has been with Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. since 2015. and has received numerous awards during his tenure for his extensive professional skills and outstanding leadership skills. Under his leadership and coordination, he successfully led the procurement team in completing several key procurement tasks, thereby making a significant contribution to the operation and development of the company. His keen market observation, excellent supplier relationships and unique understanding of supply chain management have helped him achieve notable success in this field. However, he is not satisfied with these successes alone. Recognizing the limitless possibilities that technological advancements bring to the procurement industry, he decided to start developing a “machine learning-based optimization system for the procurement process.” This move signifies his transformation from an exceptional procurement manager to a true industry innovator.

Huang Jianxin's self-developed “Machine Learning-based Procurement Process Optimization System” has deeply optimized the procurement process of enterprises by using advanced machine learning technology. The system reportedly collects a large amount of historical procurement data and real-time market data, including, but not limited to, supplier information, historical procurement prices, inventory levels, demand volumes, market trends and more. The system then uses machine learning algorithms such as Support Vector Machines, Random Forests, Deep Neural Networks, etc. to perform in-depth analysis of this data. Through learning, the system can automatically discover hidden patterns and trends in the data and apply them to the sourcing decision. For example, the system can identify a period each year when the price of a particular raw material decreases and then suggest purchasing it during this period to reduce procurement costs. What is important is that Huang Jianxin's system has the ability to learn and optimize itself. As market dynamics and business needs change over time, the system automatically adjusts its learning models based on new data and feedback to adapt to market fluctuations. For example, if a new provider enters the market, the system automatically records and analyzes data about this provider and takes it into account.

According to feedback from application companies, the “Machine Learning-based Procurement Process Optimization System” not only improves procurement efficiency and reduces procurement costs, but also helps companies make more accurate decisions, thereby increasing their competitiveness. Huang Jianxin's innovative research undoubtedly represents a paradigm-shifting reform of traditional procurement processes and paves the way for a new future of the procurement industry. His research not only has a profound impact on the procurement industry, but also provides new perspectives and directions to the field of business management. By closely linking technology and management, it presents a new and efficient model for business management that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the entire industry. Due to the tremendous impact of Huang Jianxin's innovative research in the industry, companies are recognizing his ability to improve procurement decision-making, and many are eager to adopt his system to optimize and improve their procurement practices. It is reported that Huang Jianxin has already established partnerships with several renowned companies, and within the framework of these collaborations, the application of the “Machine Learning-based Procurement Process Optimization System” has proven to be extremely effective, resulting in an increase of about 35% purchasing – and marketing profit margins of these companies. Under the leadership of Huang Jianxin, Guangzhou Liby Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. achieved remarkable results in procurement efficiency and benefits, becoming a leader in the industry.

Huang Jianxin has worked diligently in the procurement field and developed achievements such as a big data-based procurement information monitoring platform and a cloud computing-based comprehensive procurement materials evaluation system, and conducted independent research on the application of blockchain technology to enterprise procurement activities dealing with the intelligent technological concepts within procurement. His outstanding achievements in the industry have earned him praise from experts and academics, leading to his appointment as a visiting professor at the Big Nation Innovation Think Tank of the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences, where he continues to train outstanding procurement professionals and advocate for the development of smart procurement technologies within the academy.

Huang Jianxin is excited about the future of the procurement industry. He believes that machine learning will play an even larger role in this area in the near future. He emphasizes: “We must closely link technology with management and adapt to ever-changing market requirements through continuous learning and optimization.” He hopes that his research and efforts will further advance the development of the procurement industry and bring benefits to other companies can. As a renowned media platform, we have always been committed to seeking out and recognizing outstanding talents in various industries, showcasing their achievements and outstanding contributions to professionals in their respective fields, and even showcasing their achievements on the world stage to provide them with more diverse opportunities to Development. Huang Jianxin is one such forward-thinking industry leader. His innovative thinking and remarkable achievements have had and will continue to influence the development of the procurement industry. His “Machine Learning-based Procurement Process Optimization System” represents a thoughtful and bold exploration of the future and serves to research and practice new models of business management. We look forward to seeing more of his innovations in the future, taking the procurement industry to new heights and adopting more advanced research and development concepts for intelligent procurement on a global scale and evolving into a versatile talent in the industry.

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