EA Sports has banned over 30,000 accounts taking advantage of a recent “no-loss” bug present in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

EA Sports bans 30,000 FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players who took advantage of the “no-loss” bug

EA Sports has identified over 30,000 accounts that took advantage of a recent “no-loss” bug and banned guilty players for a period of seven days.

EA announced on Friday October 16 that they had resolved the issue allowing players to use the ‘no-loss’ glitch and identify users who are continuously exploiting the glitch and track those accounts directly .

The lossless bug allowed FIFA Ultimate Team players to leave a game without suffering a loss on their balance sheet. Many players took advantage of this bug in FUT Champions to achieve the highest rank possible and get the best rewards.

To fix this bug, all players had to do while playing a game were to press “Dashboard” – the PlayStation or Xbox button on their controller – and wait for the 30-second timer to expire. The game would bring you no loss for this, which meant that the players were able to finish games they thought would lose without penalty.

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EA tweeted that it identified over 30,000 active accounts that were “consistently” exploiting this issue and banned them online for seven days by FIFA 22 to prevent those players from participating in this week’s FUT Champions Final.

Some questions are being raised in the FIFA community as to whether EA’s punishment is sufficient and whether a tougher ban should have been imposed.

Many FIFA fans have complained to @EAFIFADirect on Twitter that their accounts have been banned despite never taking advantage of the bug, and many screenshots posted that their account has been banned for 1000 days.

EA stated that players who exploited the bug “continuously” would receive a seven-day ban, similar to what players received in an email to the banned accounts. However, when players tried to access their FIFA Ultimate Team accounts from their console or PC, players were notified that their accounts were instead banned for 1000 days.

In response to complaints from people who have been banned, EA has referred players to their Positive Play Charter, which states that players should “keep things fair”.

The charter reads: “Do not cheat or give yourself an unfair advantage”.

“Play games the way they should be played. It’s simple, nobody wants to play with a cheater. Just don’t do it.”

The charter also specifically states that gamers “should not use exploits, cheats, undocumented features, design flaws, bugs or problems to give others a head start”.

While some players believe that those who took advantage of the exploit received the correct sanction, others still believe that given the impact of the glitch in relation to the collapse of the FUT transfer market, more should be done.

Do you think the appropriate action has been taken by EA? Let us know in the comments!

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