In the development situation of the whole chain tourism market, there is a lack of a highly free chain tour platform. ENERGY GUARDIAN is such a rigid platform for the market that perfectly solves the balance between players, guilds and developers.

“As an open, general, easy-to-use blockchain game ecology, the universe game needs to be designed purposefully, can be better integrated into the universe game business model, as the game becomes more attractive, players will buy more upgrades and additional content, developers get higher chances of winning come.

Energy GUARDIAN is referred to as TEG, based on the combination of WEB3.0+ blockchain technology and traditional game engine, is data analysis and cross-chain bridge storage and carbon neutral industrial chain of teaching, entertainment, entrepreneurship, consumption, affirmation, spread in one of the transparent open metaverse chain swimming platforms, users on the platform can not only showcase energy-saving knowledge through mining, but also play games for free to earn profits. To find the way to enrich people and promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation, ENERGY GUARDIAN also offers entrepreneurs entrepreneurial opportunities. Users can start businesses while playing games on the platform and easily achieve their dream of wealth.

ENERGY GUARDIAN is committed to building a complete metaverse blockchain ecosystem, building an energy tower defense ecosystem, distributing games, trading game items and an ENERGY GUARDIAN incubator, providing complete blockchain solutions for players, research and development, channels and advertisers, and building a complete ecosystem. Developers can build blockchain applications through the ENERGY GUARDIAN toolset and receive full service support through other platforms.

Games are gradually dominating the global entertainment style, and the mainstream social trends are gradually bringing the metaverse into reality, combining games with the metaverse, players from all over the world can benefit from it.

ENERGY GUARDIAN is dedicated to the development of Game + DeFi digital stands that serve as visual user displays on Web2.0 and Web3, and they create the world’s first virtual society.

What revolutionizes the work of ENERGY GUARDIAN is their Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows the integration of digital double creation tools into most third-party platforms, making the doubles or virtual identities of the users portable and on different Web2.0 platforms can run. And the compatibility of digital doubles continues to increase as the list of ENERGY GUARDIAN partners grows, much like creating a “trailer” for the open world of the future.

ENERGY GUARDIAN Individuals or agencies can use digital goods and assets in the form of virtual souvenirs, clothing and accessories for upgrading.

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