Introduction: EPC promotes the tokenized mapping of real world objects and blockchain world finance, combines the new DeFi model in the field of encryption with DAO community autonomy and NFT, and gives DeFi assets a decentralized financial identity, thereby achieving value sublimation .


The bull market of blockchain and digital currency originated from the rise of DeFi in 2020. In 2021, the encrypted digital art NFT began to take over the fire, and it also triggered the popularity of decentralized storage projects such as IPFS for sustainable storage of NFT . EPC relies on the decentralized characteristics of blockchain to build a professional decentralized ecosystem. In fact, it is conceivable that the Internet of Value is an upgrade of the Internet of Information + blockchain. Only when the centralized Internet of Information is decentralized by the blockchain can the “value” of the Internet of Value be truly reflected. EPC establishes order through the trending value Internet system, achieves the ultimate point-to-point communication network, and empowers the value of the entire EPC ecosystem by consensus groups.

matrix analysis

Matrices are a common tool in advanced algebra, but also in applied mathematics disciplines such as statistical analysis. In physics, matrices have applications in electrical circuits, mechanics, optics and quantum physics; in computer science, 3D animation production also requires matrices. The operation of matrices is an important problem in the field of numerical analysis. Decomposing matrices into combinations of simple matrices can simplify operations on matrices both in theory and in practical applications. For some widely used matrices with special forms, such as sparse matrices and quasi-diagonal matrices, there are specific fast arithmetic algorithms. EPC uses a mathematical model matrix for the architecture, which can be described as very advanced and high-end.

Matrix gameplay

  1. All the income of account no. 1 enters an independent smart contract for the future ecological construction of EPC.

2. The digital currency used when participating in the EPC matrix smart contract will temporarily be USDT. After the issuance on IDO, our EPC tokens will be used, and we will have an EPC token equivalent to US dollars to pay for the future matrix and products, etc. This is a very important change, and by activating the matrix, you will get a different product.

Advantages of EPC

1. Zero danger

A self-enforcing contract is deployed on the BSC chain, which exists permanently and cannot be modified by any entity.

2. Immutability

Indefinite visits to projects are an inherent feature programmed in the contract to enable continued participation in matrix projects.

3. Pay on the peer-to-peer chain

The contract is just a payment gateway, which can facilitate peer-to-peer commission payments among its plan participants, directly 100% into the participants’ own decentralized wallets, the contract address is 0 and there will be no deposit of funds.

4. No Hierarchical Arrangement

A crowdfunding matrix project specially designed to influence the global de novo to the crypto ecosystem by providing a seamless introduction for newcomers, allowing EPC tokens to gain more consensus.

EPC helps NFT and DeFi return to value

In 2021, a variety of NFT ecosystems will be born in the NFT boom, such as game NFT, digital art, avatar NFT, etc. These illusory things need to carry value. Users use NFT to complete asset interaction, and realize and add value to the things created. EPC The perfect combination of DeFi and NFT, empowering individuals and local communities with autonomy, builds a fair, shared, and equal on-chain world.

In the encryption ecology, the ecology that can rise out of the circle is almost inseparable from the co-construction and promotion of the community. EPC integrates the three technologies of DeFi + NFT + DAO to create a new and complete ecosystem. With the improvement of DeFi’s financial ecosystem and the vigorous development of NFT, EPC integrates reality tokenization into the blockchain and continues to empower off-chain value.

EPC DAO to create a new community

The EPC community has designed a certification system based on blockchain technology, using more sophisticated artificial intelligence technology to build consensus, and encode the organization’s management and operating rules on the blockchain in the form of smart contracts, which is what we believe Known DAO. The members of the EPC DAO community have no hierarchical structure, and all participants have equal status, which eliminates the formation of monopoly and conforms to the current development trend of Internet Web3.0.

The EPC DAO community captures more value for the community’s Token EPC by integrating diverse ecosystems such as DeFi and NFT markets on the chain. EPC is the fuel of smart contracts, and it is intelligently distributed to all contributors with an unchangeable distribution model. , the EPC distribution mechanism and rules are completely open and transparent, and the value captured by the EPC DAO community ecology will be distributed to EPC holders, and will continue to feed back to all participants in the community.

The future ecological development of EPC

In the future, EPC will form an ecological value system with six ecosystems as the core of NFT trading platform, EPC diversified application, EPC payment, EPC mining pool, decentralized exchange, and EPC independent wallet, and gradually improve the EPC ecosystem. Ecological layout of the whole industry.

Digital life, the beauty has come! Innovative dark horse EPC opens a new era of NFT+DeFi finance!

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