Reporter: DENG Si

As global financial markets become more open, public participation in financial investments is also increasing. In response to this trend, there are both risks and opportunities in the financial investment analysis industry, with market volatility being a common risk factor. Whether it’s the stock or bond market, volatility can have a direct impact on a portfolio’s value. This volatility is particularly evident in the emerging cryptocurrency market. In addition, exchange rate risk is one of the main risks facing investors, especially in today’s globalized financial environment where investors are more exposed to overseas markets and exchange rate risk is more difficult to avoid. Market and regulatory risks cannot be ignored either, such as the regulatory uncertainty of the emerging fintech industry, all of which stem from the unknown and uncertainty of the risks, making them more difficult to master and control.

In an area of ​​both opportunity and challenge, financial investment analyst LIU Antong is keeping a close eye on these changes. In her opinion, there is no substitute for the importance of risk control in the investment decision-making process. LIU Antong advocates thorough investigation to assess risk in all aspects and adopt investment strategies according to the nature and degree of risk. This risk-based investment philosophy not only helps investors to control losses, but also to achieve higher returns. LIU Antong also emphasizes the importance of transaction costs and trading models. She believes that with the current rapid development of the financial market, establishing a strong risk management mechanism and appropriate trading models should become a long-term strategic priority for companies and investors.

As a professional, LIU Antong always values ​​professionalism. She is convinced that analysts, fund managers or investors should react professionally to various challenges in the current, rapidly changing financial market environment. In recent years, she has set an example with her unique insights and professionalism to deeply understand the technological trends in the financial industry and to provide investors with comprehensive and accurate analytical services using academic theory and technological innovation. “As the global economy continues to grow and financial markets continue to innovate, public demand for financial information will gradually increase. This is largely reflected in the fact that more and more people are interested in and engaged in stocks, bonds and other investment products and need to rely on accurate financial data and real-time professional analysis. This trend has fueled the development of financial analysis models based on big data and artificial intelligence, such as machine learning-based models to predict stock market movements and natural language processing-based AI systems to analyze and understand companies’ financial reports to generate insights about To attract investment .” LIU Antong analyzes that she deeply recognizes the potential of blockchain technology in the financial sector, and by examining the technical relationship between the transparency and security of supply chain data and the efficiency and reliability of project investments in the financial sector, she developed it “Supply “Chain Financial Platform Based on Blockchain Technology V1.0” which has had a major impact on the industry. It has had a major impact on the industry. In addition, LIU Antong has also developed “Financial Data Analysis System Based on Knowledge Graph V1.0”, “Portfolio Management System Based on DL V1.0” and “Intelligent Research and Investment System Based on Artificial Intelligence V1.0”. To provide investment decision makers with better financial data analysis and portfolio management tools, and to some extent also to drive the advancement of digital strategies.

LIU Antong not only focuses on long-term technical trends in the industry, but also demonstrates a unique talent in her daily analytical work. She is able to present investors with complex financial information in a clear and concise manner, helping them to understand market dynamics and make more informed investment decisions. She is also able to apply various analysis methods and technical tools to different industries and market conditions to effectively improve the quality and accuracy of the analysis. Through her research and practical experience in academic and scientific fields, she hopes to bring useful hints and inspiration to more people, build a stronger financial analysis system, and promote the healthy development of the financial industry.

“Public expectations of the interactivity, accessibility and fairness of financial products and services are also increasing. The development of financial technology has enabled more ordinary people to access and understand financial products, while increasing the fairness of financial services.” LIU Antong believes that the financial industry is not only about making profits, but also about Taking responsibility towards society and customers. Sustainable development and customer satisfaction in the financial sector can only be guaranteed if these aspects are taken into account. Therefore, LIU Antong points out that the financial investment analysis industry should invest more resources in financial education and public services. For example, financial institutions can work with educational institutions to promote financial literacy to meet societal needs for financial education. In addition, financial institutions can provide free investment advisory services to respond to public demand for financial services and enhance people’s understanding and confidence in financial services.

LIU Antong’s professionalism and outstanding talent have won the deep trust of investors. Her keen insight and decision-making skills have not only made her an elite in the industry, but will also lead investors to gain greater market share and open up a far-reaching future of financial investing.

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