1. What is SumGames

Blockchain and cryptocurrency games are prime examples of how SumGames can challenge existing concepts and turn the game upside down. SumGames is the window to get started in the Metaverse game series. The platform token SUM generated by the metaverse game NFT Pickaxe Pledge allows you to enter up to 100 games in the ecological platform SumGames.

2. Characteristics of NFT props

How to get the NFT pickaxe:

The pickaxe is like a key to opening up the ecology of the SUMGAMES platform by buying NFT props to pull out the blind box. So buying a pickaxe is an important asset in the game.

The material properties of the NFT pickaxe:

The basic properties of the pickaxe are determined by the material; the tape and the lucky value.

The material is divided into copper pickaxe, silver pickaxe, gold pickaxe and diamond pickaxe. There are white ones; Green; Blue; Red; Yellow; Rainbow colors and no ribbon 7 categories in total. The quality, value and basic computing power of the pickaxe are determined by the different materials and straps of the pickaxe. Computing power is the key to distributing SUM tokens.

Upgrade the NFT pickaxe:

The luck value of the pickaxe corresponds to the value of the improved success rate. And if the lucky value continues to grow at its current rate, the upgrade success rate is likely to be higher. At the same time, you need to buy sail gemstones or soul stones so that inlays can be enhanced. You have a higher hashrate as you level up. The level 1 pickaxe is different from level 18, which has nearly 50 times the processing power. Upgrading the pickaxe is key to being able to guide other players.

3. SUM token

SUM tokens are the platform tokens that can be used in SumGames platform games.

SUM has the following functions:

1. Buy NFT items (soul gems; blessing gems; trade in NFT pickaxes)

2. Buy NFT Lost in Space Station Blind Box

3. Through the P2P market transaction in the game

4. Users can get SUM by collecting props, contests, seasonal rewards, and auction sales.

4. Lost in the space station game

SumGame’s first epic sci-fi strategy game, The Lost Space Station, will be set in motion at the end of December. Purchasing game hero cards through the SUM produced by the pickaxe is a necessary key to join the game. Lost in the space station game is a type of game where you can play a game in the Metaverse setup and have just as much fun and make money in the process

The entire game background is set during the war in the galaxy. In the game, the player draws the original character (tank soldiers, snipers, medical personnel, scientists, maintenance soldiers, scouts) through shooting training, area patrols, space station maintenance, environment detection, project experiments, station patrol and upgrade of the hero level and basic attributes.

5. Investors & Partners

SumGames is currently being audited by CertiK, a well-known accounting firm in New York, USA, which is specifically responsible for auditing Binance to ensure the security of the code.

6. Follow us

In order to give feedback to the community and attract new players, we will be opening a blind box activity with a total of 10,000 tips in the near future. The child starts creating and if they want to attend the event or pull the blind box for creation, they can enter the SumGames game students.

Please watch out for us in the state!

Project website: https://sumgames.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SumGames01

Telegram: https://t.me/sumgamesGerman

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SumGames-102874945517090/

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