The GTRCB artificial intelligence technology company, a global artificial intelligence technology company, was founded on March 15, 2013, in Stockholm, Sweden. Its full name is Global, Technology, Revolution, Creativity, Business, and founded by the engineering information technology team of the former Swedish Ericsson Group. It offers technical assistance as well as scientific and technological output. The business field involves artificial intelligence digitization, network security maintenance, e-commerce market data analysis and marketing plan and resource integration.

The goal of GTRCB in the area of ​​e-commerce is to assist businesses, merchants, brands, retailers, and other businesses in changing the way that marketing, sales, and operation are done, and to use the power of new artificial intelligence technology increase the frequency and impact of interaction between e-commerce practitioners and customers, as well as to increase operational efficiency. Provide one-stop intelligent marketing services for enterprises.

In terms of global strategy, GTRCB has signed global promotion strategic cooperation agreements with hundreds of the world’s top 500 brands such as adidas, Nike, DKNY, Amani, Disney, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Valentino, and Hugo. An industry comprehensive company founded by high-quality talents and high-quality elite teams in the industry. The business scope includes network services, real estate, tourism, e-commerce, commerce, investment, sports, charity, etc.

Future goals for GTRCB include accelerating the growth of the global e-commerce sector and significantly advancing digitalization, artificial intelligence, new mobile terminal business models, and global integration. In order to build a brighter future with each user, GTRCB’s objective is to “Make all difficulties to simple,” and its vision is to “Make every corner of the globe full with the caring of GTRCB artificial intelligence”.

Let’s wait and see, GTRCB artificial intelligence technology has progressively established itself as a new standard in the age of artificial intelligence, encouraging the further growth of the e-commerce industry.

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