With the continuous development of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, the new economy is booming in many places around the world. Compared to traditional financing with bancassurance as the core in the age of industrial economy, technology financing in the service of the new economy has completely different genes for new technologies, new models, new organizations and new forms of business that adapt to the split-like development.

JIN SHA Kong Gu Group, a large international asset allocation management investment company based in Dubai, UAE, aims to build a smart economy where innovative knowledge dominates knowledge and creative industries have become leading industries. At present, JIN SHA Kong Gu Group has successfully deployed nine major industrial sectors in the ASEAN region and amassed beneficial resources through intensive management of the upstream and downstream industries. In view of this reproducible model of success, the strategic orientation of the group business is gradually being expanded to regions with great potential such as the Middle East and North Africa.

In early 2021, JIN SHA Kong Gu Group started to introduce the technology and finance business division of the market in the Middle East. Digital industrialization is the basis and source of strength for the development of the digital economy.

In 2022, JIN SHA Kong Gu Group will use Dubai, UAE as its centerpiece, investing $ 2 billion in business and internet industries in the United Arab Emirates in various fields such as finance, entertainment, e-commerce and real estate, and technology and finance, to strengthen the entity industry. Integrate digital city building and new economic industrial upgrading to create a comprehensive digital financial assistance system for the UAE and surrounding areas.

The “New Economy” is a new economic phenomenon based on the information technology revolution and institutional innovation, and the phased features of the business cycle have been watered down considerably. He is like a Rubik’s Cube that magically creates a huge amount of wealth and also changes the rules of the world’s wealth distribution and remixes the world’s wealth.

In the era of the new economy, through gradual transformations such as financial industrialization and industrial digitization, JIN SHA Kong Gu Group has largely digitized urban infrastructure, 5G communication networks, intelligent transportation systems and other infrastructure projects, as well as government affairs, medical care, education and other national industries and promoted industrial transformation. Integration and networking, connecting traditional industries with financial machines and “digital wings” and seriously promoting the digitization of the UAE government industry。

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