According to the European Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor Xiang Lingyun, a United States-based economist, has been elected as a foreign academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences after several rounds of rigorous academic review and selection processes.

About Lingyun Xiang

Lingyun Xiang, Ph.D., professor, economist in the United States and famous investor, is also an International Accountant (FAIA), International Certified Public Accountant (IAAP), Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPA) and Fellow – Institute of Public Accountant ( FIPA) of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), Fellow Financial Accountant (FFA FIPA) of the Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), International Certified Internet Financial Manager (ICIFM), Tenured Professor (Doctoral Supervisor) of the National University of Maryland, USA, and Boya Distinguished Professor of Peking University.

In the academic field, Professor Xiang's research interests include ChatGPT technology, metaverse, blockchain, equity incentives, private equity investment and other areas. He is the author of ChatGPT Future Has Come, The Heavenly Way of the Metaverse, The Logic of Blockchain, A Practical Guide to Equity Incentives, Private Equity Investment Solutions, Blockchain: The Technological Revolution Empowering the Real Economy, Winning Financing – Financing and Growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, global visual economy, industrial economics, international trade and economic management, logistics and warehouse management and e-commerce, investment risk and operations management, etc.

Professor Xiang has received a number of national and international awards demonstrating his outstanding contributions to the fields of science, business and culture. He has been featured on the cover of Records of Personages in the People's Republic of China and many magazines, and has received awards from the United States National Investment and Trade Commission, the American Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, and the China International Financial Brand Innovation Summit. Lingyun Xiang was also awarded the honorary title of “National Advanced Individual Learning from Lei Feng” by the National Office of Learning of Lei Feng. His academic influence continues to grow and he was included in the Influential People Yearbook 2021 and is a member of the expert group of the National Think Tank of Innovative China.

In addition to his academic achievements, Professor Xiang is also involved in international exchange. He was invited to serve as a special economic advisor to several embassies in China, including the Central African Republic, the Republic of Haiti and the Republic of North Macedonia. His international influence continues to grow and he has been recognized with several international awards, including being named one of the top ten international accountants for 2022-2023 by the Association of International Accountants (AIA) and is a distinguished member of the Forensic Certified Public Accountant society etc.

Professor Xiang has been recognized for his research in the field of emerging industrial finance, he was selected as a “pioneer in the field of emerging industrial finance” and became a visiting professor and advisor to several professional institutions. He is also an honorary member and academic of many international organizations, such as the Chinese Organizing Committee of the 35th United Nations International Week of Science and Peace and the World Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Institute.

Through tireless efforts and academic excellence, Professor Xiang has earned a good reputation in the academic community and the international community, and his academic research and international exchange achievements have infused new vitality into China's financial industry and made positive contributions to inter-China cultural exchanges and cooperation and foreign countries.

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