Welsh Health Minister Eluned Morgan warned Wales still has the highest rate of covid in the UK when she gave an update on the latest coronavirus situation during the Welsh Government’s weekly briefing on Tuesday.

She spoke ahead of a debate in Senedd about whether mandatory Covid passes should be extended to cinemas, concert halls and theaters. Member States will discuss the plans with a vote later that evening around 4 p.m. The Welsh government’s proposal is expected to be easily adopted this time around, as Plaid has announced that it will vote with the Labor government.

Ms Morgan confirmed that the Welsh government will be pressing ahead with plans to expand Covid passport rules.

Describing the introduction of passes for nightclubs and major events as a success, she said: “Today in Senedd we will bring forward regulations to extend the use of the Covid Pass to cinemas, concert halls and theaters.

“These are all ticketed indoor locations where people are in close contact with others for long periods of time. Extending the Covid Pass is another way to reinforce the measures we have taken on zero alert when the prices are so high. ” to protect us and keep Wales open.

“But we hope that your use, along with all the other measures we currently have, will help bring the coronavirus under control.

“Because we want to do everything we can to prevent the need for further, tighter restrictions, as we saw last winter.”

The latest seven-day infection rate across Wales, based on cases per 100,000 people (for the seven days ending November 3), is now 536.9 – another drop from the 546.8 reported on Sunday.

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Protesters are expected to gather outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay as the vote takes place on Tuesday amid concerns that the passports restrict personal freedom.

It is because NHS frontline workers in England need to be fully vaccinated against Covid, as the UK government is expected to announce later.

A deadline will be set for next spring to give unvaccinated workers time to receive both doses, Whitehall sources told the BBC.

Between 80,000 and 100,000 NHS workers in England are unvaccinated, said Chris Hopson, head of NHS Providers. Thursday is the deadline for nursing home staff in England to get vaccinated.

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