MetaNFT (abbreviation: MNFT), co-founded by the Global Community Capital Development Foundation and the top ten community alliances in the world, officially launched Pancakeswap on January 15, 2022 New York time at 9:00 am!

MNFT is a Metaverse DAO token issued on the Binance Smart Chain. It was created jointly by the GCCD Foundation and the top ten global communities. The GCCD Foundation is a legally registered American fund institution with an MSB license. The core members of the founding team are mainly from the United States, India, Singapore, Canada and other countries. They are all leaders and experts in the field of underlying blockchain technology and game development. All have years of experience and impressive results. At the same time, the GCCD Foundation’s Market Value Management team manages digital assets with a market value of 100 billion in decentralized blockchain finance. Many of the mutual funds we have launched have attracted the attention of financial institutions in many countries around the world. It is believed that under the blockchain new economic model, MNFT will help the data-centric digital economic alliance achieve rapid development. MNFT not only provides a technical platform for secure and reliable data exchange, but also plays an important role in digital traceability, digital upgrading, digital finance and other fields. It can be said that MNFT will open a DT era where rights and interests can be privatized, published and play infinite value digitally in the form of distributed nodes! In order to create an innovative economy, the GCCD Fund will unlock the data resources of various industries around the world, transform the productivity ratio of all roles in the business model through MNFT, and better promote the global development of the MNFT Digital Economy Alliance with the support of the Foundation. In conclusion, I believe that the combined efforts of the Global Community Capital Development Fund team and the Global Community Alliance will create a great miracle in the blockchain industry! For more information about GCCD Fund’s technical structure, ecological layout, fund issuance, strategic planning, etc., you can follow our official website as well as the development white paper, and you can also follow our official Twitter for real-time understandings.

Remarks: MetaNFT

Permanent circulation: 31,000 pieces

MNFT Binance Smart Chain (BSC) contract address:


Global Community Capital Development Foundation

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