Experience the wave of artificial intelligence and enjoy the benefits of the digital economy. AI+Finance, a new model to protect digital assets!

Pagadi (USA) Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2019 by founder Hawley and colleague Lewander. Most of the platform’s research and development teams originate from Dr. Brendo’s artificial intelligence lab and have invested in the creation of the Pagadi Foundation.

Pagadi (PAD) is a decentralized artificial intelligence platform that provides a range of services based on Chat GPT for any institution or individual that develops artificial intelligence worldwide, and that supports marketing, advertising, games, VR, personal assistants, autonomous driving and many other industries that require the involvement of artificial intelligence. Simply put, Pagadi is an AI and artificial intelligence themed app store.

Pagadi is the first and only platform using innovative AI technology Web3.0 for large-scale collaboration and coordination. It not only solves the lack of interoperability that limits the growth of artificial intelligence today, but also realizes various AI algorithms from image recognition to natural language processing to interact flexibly in real time, and eventually becomes an AI blockchain, which serves all branches of mankind.

The core components of the Pagadi platform enable functionality and scalability. We designed this architecture with the goal of establishing an open and compliant artificial intelligence market that aligns with several key choices in managing blockchain interactions, integrating artificial intelligence services, and abstraction.

Pagadi is not only an artificial intelligence network, but also a human network that uses, creates, evaluates and interacts with artificial intelligence. Due to its decentralized nature, Pagadi’s sustainable health and development depend on the democratic decision-making of network participants. The democratic process is used to make decisions about network operations and to allocate newly minted PAD tokens.

The total number of PAD tokens issued by the Pagadi platform is 880 million, including 50% of committed mining performance, 15% of platform operational performance, 15% of community governance performance, 10% of fund allocation, 6% of market promotion and 4% of the team.

The Pagadi Foundation will buy back PAD and gradually wipe out its holdings of PAD tokens, continuously reducing inflation, offering less than demand and continuously increasing in value until 20% of the total amount is wiped out.

PAGADI is currently being promoted worldwide and its acceptance is steadily increasing. It is not only a new product in the digital asset market, but also a major innovation in the digital economy era, opening a new chapter in the decentralization era and enabling more people to participate in the development dividends of the digital economy .

I believe that with the continuous increase in the number of users on the PAGADI platform and the gradual growth of community strength, the PAGADI platform will become a leader in the digital asset industry. It will penetrate every corner of cyberspace and offer users a safer and more comfortable trading experience.

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