Portalverse Network, the leading decentralized real-time rendering and cloud gaming network, has announced a new collaboration with Google Cloud to accelerate Web3 cloud game development. Portalverse will use Google Cloud as one of its primary cloud providers to build a real-time distributed rendering edge network with game host, game providers and gamer communities, using the groundbreaking PoRS (Proof of Rendering and Streaming) verification consensus, the based on Cosmos.

Portalverse will leverage Google Cloud’s world-class infrastructure and expertise to accelerate the development of the Portalverse network and deliver a seamless and immersive gaming experience to players around the world. This collaboration also serves as a strong framework for Web3 games in the Portalverse community to also leverage Google Cloud’s global infrastructure for success.

For example, Abyss World, a flagship title on Sui Ecosystem within this partnership, aims to demonstrate the potential of Web3 cloud gaming. By being built on top of Google Cloud, Portalverse Network will enable the game to harness the power of decentralized cloud gaming to bring even faster, more immersive, and seamless gaming experiences to gamers around the world, regardless of their devices or location, and to a wider audience to reach player.

Portalverse Network successfully completed a multi-million dollar institutional round last year. Building on Google Cloud paves the way for Portalverse to develop more games like Abyss World and achieve its goal of becoming the decentralized physical infrastructure (DePin) for Metaverse as a Service.

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