Aladdin Shop social commerce platform, a subsidiary of 38 Fule Technology Group led by CEO David Allen Hillhouse, began leveraging its parent company’s established traditional business networks by integrating the Genie social commerce platform into its network. Aladdin Shop aims to attract its existing 38 Fule Technology Group partners and customers to join its global community network.

The integration of the Genie Social Commerce Platform with Aladdin Shop allows for a broader audience reach and increased presence of partner products. By promoting a culture of co-creation and leveraging the existing infrastructure of 38 Fule Technology Group, Aladdin Shop and the Genie Social Commerce Platform offer a diverse selection of authentic products at attractive prices. This helps foster collaboration and innovation, which benefits both businesses and consumers.

Aladdin Shop provides a user-friendly interface by leveraging 38 Fule Technology Group’s well-established network and logistics infrastructure, making it easier for customers to search for products, compare prices and make purchases. The platform aims to be the preferred e-commerce destination for everyone, offering an easy and convenient shopping experience. A key advantage of the platform is its wide range of carefully curated products with over 30,000 SPU products and 250,000 SKUs in stock at all times.

Aladdin Shop and 38 Fule harness the power of social media and word-of-mouth marketing to organically reach wider audiences, encourage community building, and increase customer retention and long-term business growth. This is a key reason for this business model.

In addition to leveraging social media and traditional advertising channels, Aladdin Shop and 38 Fule may consider expanding their product offerings, entering new markets, and developing strategic alliances with influencers, content creators, and other industry partners to increase brand awareness and their marketing efforts to reinforce .

Aladdin Shop’s Genie Social Commerce Platform enables community building and shared success on the platform. Leveraging 38 Fule Technology Group’s strong enterprise customer base, including some of China’s largest hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and corporations, Aladdin Shop and the Genie Social Commerce Platform are able to expand their reach and offer their customers a greater selection of authentic products.

Aladdin Shop and Genie Social Commerce Platform leverage cutting-edge Web 3.0 technology to enhance customers’ shopping experience by introducing greater levels of interactivity and efficiency. The platform’s unrelenting emphasis on quality and efficiency cultivates a sense of community building on the platform, leading to greater customer retention and repeat business.

By emphasizing sustainable practices throughout their supply chain, from material sourcing to packaging and shipping, Aladdin Shop and the Genie Social Commerce Platform can engage the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers and contribute to the long-term success of their business. By incorporating environmentally friendly products and initiatives into their business strategy, Aladdin Shop and 38 Fule position themselves as responsible and socially conscious businesses that can attract and retain customers who value sustainability.

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