President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Rizhao City, chairman of the Antai Industrial Group Co. Ltd,Mr Chengyuan Bie, led his young entrepreneurs  team to Linyi City to study and exchange on 31st Aug.

This event has been organized to provide those young entrepreneurs in Rizhao and Linyi opportunities for study and communication,to build a platform for business cooperation,as well as to in-depth promote achieving the leapfrog development of these young entrepreneurs from both places.

The young entrepreneurs from Rizhao and Linyi had a discussion, industry promotion and field observation.

President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Rizhao City, chairman of the Antai Industrial Group Co. Ltd, Mr Chengyuan Bie made a speech on the exchange meeting. Mr Bie said, Linyi is the city of commerce, and logistics, Which has a strong business charm, it sets a good example to enterprises to study from. Meanwhile, Rizhao and linyi are joined by common mountains and rivers, and having mutuality humanities. The cooperation of two sides will have broad prospects and great potential.

President of the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Rizhao City, chairman of the Antai Industrial Group Co. Ltd, Mr Chengyuan Bie signed a Memorandum on Collaborative Innovation Development of Young Entrepreneurs Association with Linyi Young Entrepreneurs Association on behalf of Rizhao Young Entrepreneurs Association. Both sides will carry out regular exchange surrounding topics through building platform for cooperation and exchange,like industrial innovation coordinated development, cultural and tourism integration development, promoting industrial chain coordination and optimizing the distribution of regional industry. In the meantime,it can make the two sides share the strategic opportunities and prospects in each regions, jointly build a sustainable cooperative partnership of creating, sharing and win-win.

Next step, Rizhao Young Entrepreneurs Association will build platform and seek development unswervingly, improve the management level of member enterprises. They will also take the initiative to walk out to strengthen cooperation, to build a platform for enterprise communications and carry out abundant activities continually, to serve the development of young entrepreneurs effectively, in order to provide a broad stage for the growth of enterprises and contribute to the regional economic and social development.

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