2023 is a year of rapid development of cross-border e-commerce. The global market size of cross-border e-commerce industry will reach $4.5 trillion. As the globalization of the market continues, the scale of the cross-border e-commerce market will continue to increase. With the cross-border e-commerce market multiplying day by day, especially driven by the epidemic, many people are pushing into the cross-border e-commerce industry. With the end of the epidemic, the market is calming down again and the shrinking of the market coupled with the increasing competition pose great challenges for cross-border e-commerce practitioners.

Whether it is market fluctuations or industry competition, its core is inseparable from capital. When the e-commerce practitioners are short of money, Qpdao emerges, as The Times demands, to stock firewood for the e-commerce practitioners to increase wages and spur the development of e-commerce companies. Qpdao aims to provide convenient and fast trade finance services for amazon, ebay, shopee, shopify, lazada, tokopedia and other outstanding small and medium e-commerce trading companies around the world. In addition, the world’s first investment platform for investments and financing from a single source is being built using the latest technology. For the first time, Qpdao enables cross-border e-commerce companies to connect global common investors through the platform, provide customized asset portfolios for common investors, and help all clients enter the global cross-border e-commerce investment market with high return potential.

Qpdao is a subsidiary of Qupital, a well-known financial technology company in Hong Kong. Founded in 2016, Qupital later obtained the main investment of Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund and concept capital, and achieved strategic cooperation with Alibaba.com, Cainiao, Lianlian International, eBay and so on, and occupied a place in e-commerce. With the development of globalization, Qupital has set its strategic goal of globalization. Qpdao TECHNOLOGY CAPITAL PTE. LTD was officially incorporated in Singapore. Based on the financial, commercial, scientific and technological and political center of Asia, Singapore is building the world’s first cross-border e-commerce fintech service platform with a global perspective.

Today, with the continuous industrialization of artificial intelligence, Qpdao follows the trend of The Times and uses artificial intelligence technology to create a financing solution that is easier to use, more efficient and more cost-effective. Qpdao’s vision is to empower cross-border e-commerce sellers through fintech and help cross-border e-commerce companies raise affordable working capital from professional investors through Qpdao’s online platform. Qpdao Company, as an investor, helps e-commerce sellers grow rapidly, brings long-term investment value to the company, and also brings tremendous driving force to the e-commerce industry.

For e-commerce sellers, the platform provides low-interest loans, which can help them get quick financial support and boost business development. Second, fast lending is another key benefit of QPDAOs. No bureaucracy and no waiting time, sellers can get financial support in no time. In addition, big data lending can make it easier for sellers to obtain loans without collateral.

In addition, Qpdao offers a 100% online application and approval process, making the whole application and approval process much easier and more efficient. For ecommerce sellers, this means they can get the financial support they need faster, so they can better grow their business. At the same time, the well-known e-commerce platforms connected by Qpdao also provide more business opportunities and resources for sellers to better explore the market potential.

In general, Qpdao has great advantages in the field of e-commerce financing, which can help investors and e-commerce sellers get better financial support and investment opportunities. At the same time, Qpdao attaches great importance to risk control and capital security, and uses big data technology and a professional risk control team to safeguard the interests of investors and sellers. For those who are looking for better investment opportunities and business development opportunities, Qpdao is an option worth watching and trying.

Company number: 202310700Z

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