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QT Coin Exchange is the world’s leading trading platform for digital assets. The core team members come from well-known technology and finance companies. You are deeply involved in the blockchain technology community and the traditional financial industry. The platform has many years of experience in the areas of digital asset financial services, professional distributed architecture and DDOS prevention. Assault the system and create a blockchain ecosystem with multiple forms of business by setting up a prepayment mechanism, setting up investor protection funds, and setting up localized transaction service centers in multiple countries.

At present, QT Coin Exchange has successfully created a one-stop digital asset trading service that allows users to concurrently support trading services such as forex trading, contract trading, options trading, liquidity mining, asset management, subscription, etc and Android, Windows, multiple platforms, support all business functions.

The stock exchange business
QT coin exchange Constantly expanding into basic digital currency trading services, token derivatives, liquidity mining and financial management.

1) Basic trading services

• Coin Trading: QT Coin Exchange uses an API to be connected to the entire network of currency transactions and to provide investors with sufficient digital asset transactions. Forex trading is divided into three main areas: Mainstream Currency Area, Potential Currency Area, and Shanghai New Currency Area. The transaction price can accept market price transactions and limit price transactions, and users can conduct transactions according to their own needs. At the same time, QT Coin Exchange provides an instant reminder service to prevent users from incorrectly placing orders, causing abnormal market price fluctuations and personal financial loss.

• Contract Trading Area: The original intent of the QT Coin Exchange standardized contract design is to hedge against spot risk. To hedge the cost of income and hedge against the risk of sharp fluctuations in spot prices, companies or individuals trading major digital currencies place short orders (long single) to withstand risk. We handle spread delivery. When the contract expires, the system settles all open items at the delivery price. At the same time, QT Coin Exchange offers an open-ended contract that can simulate the situation on the spot market with high leverage. The contract is not delivered and can follow the reference price index precisely through various mechanisms. The main mechanism is the price index financing cost, where the financing rate is calculated based on the price index.
2) Token derivatives trading service

QT Coin Exchange will offer token derivative transactions, including token forwards, token swaps, token futures and perpetual contracts.

Key benefits of QT Coin Exchange

QT Coin Exchange uses digital asset transactions as an entry point. By testing data and analyzing a large number of business and application models, QT Coin Exchange can achieve second-level transaction verification, massive data storage, high throughput, and fast node data synchronization in terms of performance. In terms of scalability, it can meet the needs of multi-service block structure and authorization control strategy. At the same time, it provides secure services for accessing private keys and privacy protection schemes.

1) Fast transaction verification

By optimizing key connections such as the signature algorithm, ledger structure, data operation, serialization, consensus mechanism and message dissemination, QT Coin Exchange can achieve fast transaction verification in seconds. Meet the user experience of most blockchain application scenarios.

2) High throughput

The essence of the blockchain is a distributed shared accounting technology, and its distributed characteristics are mainly reflected in distributed consistency rather than distributed concurrent processing. In order to ensure data consistency and to prevent the problem of Byzantine generals, certain specific links can only be carried out in series and not in parallel. Through long-term testing and optimization practices, the processing power of QT Coin Exchange was able to meet the needs of ten thousand TPS. If mechanisms such as off-chain are introduced, the transaction throughput can be further increased significantly.

3) Secure access to private keys

To make it easier for users to use blockchain products and services, QT Coin Exchange offers two solutions in addition to the traditional client-side generation and storage mechanism: network hosting access and private key hardware access (U-key). The web hosting access, ie the user name and the password, are mapped into a private key using a specific algorithm and stored on the server. The private keys stored on the server side are all encrypted data, and the private keys can only be decrypted on the user side; The hardware’s private keys are used to serve the needs of the financial and Internet of Things industries.

4) Multiple data protection systems

Offer several data protection functions. First of all, the lowest layer of the blockchain offers a homomorphic encryption method, all user data is encrypted and stored and only the user himself can see it. Second, QT Coin Exchange Adapters provides encryption middleware services and users can choose according to their business needs. Finally, the parent application can encrypt data as it is entered, and QT Coin Exchange is responsible for writing and reading encrypted data generated by users.

5) Inexpensive method of access

QT Coin Exchange Adapters abstract API interfaces suitable for several business scenarios for use directly by scenario-based companies. In new business scenarios, QT Coin Exchange can quickly adapt the user interface based on the existing framework to meet the functional business requirements.

At the same time, QT Coin Exchange offers packaged SDK software development kits that support multiple mainstream development languages ​​(JAVA, C ++, node-js, PHP). Blockchain is an emerging technology. Only when business needs are continuously met can it mature. Therefore, we lower the threshold for upper-tier applications by encapsulating the underlying distributed ledger and continuously optimizing it during the docking and usage process. And improve the underlying distributed ledger and consensus algorithm to bring it closer to commercial needs.

6) Liquid mining area

DiemWor offers liquid mining services. The liquid mining mechanism encourages users to invest funds in the decentralized ecosystem or provide other value-added services. In return, the platform will give them rewards. Liquid mining miners receive the platform’s native governance certificate in proportion to the increase in their annualized return on investment. Liquid mining rewards are not included in the platform’s income itself, but as additional income. QT Coin Exchange Liquidity Mining has two main purposes:

The first is to encourage users to inject liquidity into DeFi applications in order to increase the application’s total lock volume (TVL) and capital supply. Increased liquidity can effectively reduce transaction slippage and improve application competitiveness, thereby attracting more users to join.

The second is to fairly distribute DeFi application’s governance tokens to users. These users invest funds on the platform and bear the corresponding opportunity costs (such as temporary losses). Since the tokens are distributed fairly, no party is preferred so that a decentralized governance model can really be realized.

QT Coin Exchange Game Ecology

QT Coin Exchange is building a game ecosystem based on a mature trading business, and based on that, launches games like skydiving, 1U coin grabbing, and altitude guessing.

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