Introduction of Golden Sun GS

In order to build a global community to form an alliance group, GS uses the technical bottom layer of open source finance as a tool, adopts DeFi financial rules, and DAO protocol governance. The effective integration of projects realizes the perfect application of GS assets in crowdfunding projects

At the same time, it is also the first technical financial platform that provides users with rules for creating wealth together. Help small and medium-sized investors around the world to jointly resist the financial crisis, break the barriers of traditional finance, jointly maintain the market value of our assets, and provide asset protection. Achieve the world’s first community alliance with shared interests.

In order to build a one-stop blockchain service platform, GS will continue to explore and innovate the next application mall, multi-chain wallet, decentralized exchange, NFT trading platform, and Metaverse through top-level technology. Interoperability coupled with decentralized social networking, and at the same time help small and medium-sized enterprises to take off with the help of financial power, empower real enterprises, and create the real application value of GS.

The price fluctuation of GS assets on the exchange will attract more users’ attention and participation. It has a perfect risk control mechanism, deflation mechanism and ecological application. While promoting steadily and healthily, it will also bring a steady stream of power support to the price increase of GS.

GS will issue 31.4 million coins in the bsc chain, of which 3.4 million will be deployed through the decentralized exchange to provide a stable asset liquidity guarantee in the future. With a unique and ingenious perfect system, it will open up a new chapter in the blockchain industry!

Golden Sun GS Participation Mechanism

In order to help more asset-light entrepreneurs succeed in starting their own businesses, Golden Sun has launched a consensus financial platform for co-creation

Individual Participation Method 1: Register for a free account to get airdrop rewards


1-1000 people can get 35 GS

1001-3000 people can get 25 GS

3001-6000 people can get 15 GS. The quota is limited and first come first served!

Secondly, a single account can use the airdrop reward to participate in the reservation in advance before the start of each period, and you can choose the amount you want to invest according to the limit of the current period.

Example: If a single reservation requires 30 GS, it will be returned to the account after the reservation is successful

Each issue is paid according to the time sequence of the appointment, and the successful order is processed intelligently

Individual Participation Method 2: Recharge fee entry, the minimum investment range for a single account per phase is 1u, the maximum initial value is 20u, and the maximum limit is 30% per phase. The maximum limit is 5000u for a single account, and integer digits are reserved, of which the participation amount is 100% of u plus 5% equivalent GS


The first phase individual participation quota is 20u+1u equivalent GS fee. After the first phase reservation is completed, the second phase consensus quota will be released. The second phase personal participation quota is 20 times 1.3 equal to 26u plus 1 times the GS equivalent of 1.3 is equal to 1.3u

After the second phase of the reservation, the consensus quota for the third phase will be released. The quota for the third phase of personal participation is 26u times 1.3 equals 34u plus 1.3u times 1.3 equals 1.7u equivalent GS.

After the third period quota is reserved, the fourth period quota will be released and so on

Co-creation of the overall financial consensus quota participation mechanism:

Up 25% per issue, rounded up in multiples of 10


The first phase consensus quota is 2000u

The consensus quota for the second phase is 2000u multiplied by 1.25 equals 2500u

The third phase consensus quota is 2500u multiplied by 1.25 equals 3130u and so on

The incremental 25% allocation for each period is as follows:

Static income 12% analysis:

The income of the first installation will be paid out when the fourth installation is full, the second installation will be paid out when the fifth installation is full, and so on.

For example: in the first period, an account with an investment limit of 20u will receive a pure static income of 22.4u, which is 12%, after the fourth period expires.

Dynamic income 13% analysis:

which includes

direct push income 4%

interim revenue 2%

Average dividend of 2%

Very poor income 5%, a total of four levels V1 V2 V3 V4

The equal award only takes one generation, and takes 30% of the extremely poor income

When the performance of the community reaches 10000u, you can upgrade to V1 level and enjoy 1% of the team turnover

When the performance of the community reaches 30000u, you can

Upgrade to V2 level and enjoy 2% of team turnover

When the performance of the community reaches 100000u, it can be upgraded to V3 level and can enjoy 3% of the team turnover

When the performance of the community reaches 300,000u and two V3s are directly pushed at the same time, it can be upgraded to the V4 level, and can enjoy 5% of the team turnover, and can also participate in the average dividend of 2% of the new performance of the whole network. Once per period, the income is upgraded Individuals must order

If any period of panic buying is not full within the specified time, it will be regarded as the end of the consensus of the current period. At this time, the liquidation mechanism will be activated. The final period will be fully refunded, that is, 100% of the quantity of u and 5%, etc. GS of the number of values

Participants in the penultimate phase, the third phase, and the fourth phase can return 50% u + 60% equivalent GS + 30% equivalent mall exchange coupons

Golden Sun escorts the funds of every participant

The advantages of Golden Sun’s co-creation financial platform:

1. The first one perfectly integrates DeFi and crowdfunding on the Binance Smart Chain, and writes all information on the chain through blockchain smart contracts. The data is open, transparent and fair, and can be queried. Everyone is equal, and everyone participates. Everyone Creates Wealth

2. The first unique model innovation, reservation mechanism, risk control mechanism, and perpetual cycle mechanism

3. The first one that can maintain the market value of assets, has a 6-5-3 bottoming mechanism, and the principal is safe and secure

4. Low threshold entry 1u to 20u everyone can participate

5. High income, statically increase passive income, and dynamically open the lying earning mode

6. The cycle is short 1-3 days as a cycle

7. No policy risk u in u out

8. Does not hurt the network, the market is good to promote, and helps more light-asset entrepreneurs to successfully start a business

9. Empower enterprises, consume in shopping malls, use high-tech, create a combination of industry and finance, and truly create blockchain finance with ecological application landing value.

Golden Sun is a Sunac platform that gathers ingenuity, works hand in hand, and is worthy of cohesion, follow and trust, and inspires people of insight to create brilliance together

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