Plato Farm is very popular lately. Unlike the decades-old farm game, the Plato Farm includes the latest in NFT technology that allows players to own every product they harvest. It’s one of the kind! As a huge fan of farm games, I joined the farm when the public testing started. As a farmer and dealer in the game, I’ve even made a small fortune selling my products. Spoiler Alert: Here are some tips to help you earn faster and richer in the game.

  1. Update your storage

Your level depends a lot on your storage space. If you don’t have enough storage space, you can:

  • Do not pick up new productions and do not execute orders;
  • need to sell some of the products that are mistakenly required of your next order;
  • Stick to your current level as the storage room is filled with unsold inventory while the newly produced inventory cannot be picked up.

Of course, all of the above problems can be solved by purchasing items, never a problem for whales.

If you want to speed up your expansion process, upgrading your storage is a priority. Once you’ve gathered all of the materials you need, upgrade your storage. After all, these materials also take up quite a bit of space.

Materials you need to upgrade your storage

You can get these materials as rewards for upgrades or collect them through farms. To make it easier, you can also purchase resources directly from Plato Farm’s website.

In the main scene of the game there are obstacles such as trees, stakes, piles of stones, rocks or ponds. Players must overcome these obstacles with tools to expand their land for more farmland, workshops, and habitats for animals and livestock.

I highly recommend clearing blocks as soon as you receive these props (also save space for your storage). In order to use your land more efficiently, it is better to remove the obstacle that covers the largest area and expand your arable land in a square shape rather than fragmented patches.

Similarly, these materials are upgrade rewards, the harvest of your farmland, or products purchased directly from the official website.

  • 3. Props to optimize your operations

Level 15 players can collect items to expand their land. Only adjacent plots are supported for development. Items such as cement, wooden hammers are stones that are needed for farmland expansion.

Props 1: cement, brick, mallet

A land lease enables players to develop a piece of land. But don’t rush, save it for later. The more lands you discover, the more props you’ll need. Until then, you can lease the land to the maximum.

Players can sell homemade products in their shops, an effective way to free up more space for your warehouse. You can also unlock more shopping boxes by inviting friends. Of course, you can buy these boxes with PLATOs, but inviting friends can still be an inexpensive choice. Kind reminder, there is no friend limit!

  • 5. Help your friend (fruit seedling / boat)

You may already know that the fruit trees wither after three harvests. What you may not know is that if you put up a help sign and ask your friend to “save” it, the tree may be restored and you can harvest three more times! What a great offer! Please note that each fruit tree can only be “saved” once by your friends.

Being a good helper (restoring your friends’ tree) will give you experience points and a ton of XP at the same time! I helped my friends save their big orchard and guess what, I went up! Another profitable activity is to help your friends with the transport of goods: the players have to load all the cargoes themselves before they leave, but with the help of a friend, the players only need to load one type of goods to start the journey.

You can also level up by completing Achievements in addition to completing orders. So it would be wise to organize your farming tasks according to performance milestones. Complete easier ones to get rich rewards.

  • 7. Don’t forget the trade

In order to fulfill orders, players must receive products either through production or through trade. Players may purchase goods from other players via email or purchase NFTs directly from the Plato Farm website.

When shopping on the website, make it clear what you want to buy is the “product” or the “resource”. Take “wheat” for example. These are finished goods that can be processed in a bakery under “Product”, while “Wheat” as a “Resource” is seed for planting.

That’s all for Plat Farm tips. Saving fruit trees is my favorite part as it makes interaction between players easier, but that’s all for the social activities. In general, Plato Farm offers easy access to new NFT players with the western art style and great background music. Better if there is more social activity like stealing your friends’ plants.

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