Ssgs e – Commerce Co.,Ltd. (known as ssgs) is a fully British-owned technology startup headquartered in London, the British capital. It was founded in 2022 by Professor Raymond Christopher with a paid-up capital of 10 million euros.

SSGS is the world’s first UK technology company authorized by Google to use Google Cloud Computing. It displays a variety of online shopping products on the global network through its own cloud product information matching system (ssgs cloud system). Including popular online shopping platforms and e-commerce companies using the global search engine Google, the coverage is enormous.

The underlying technology of the ssgs cloud system is actually Google Cloud Computing, which we can understand as “pseudo 5g technology”. Because the coverage of 5G is not comprehensive enough, and only parts of the United States and China have 5G service, the launch of ssgs cloud system will give the world a chance to experience the 5G era.

5G is all about speed, and Google’s cloud computing core value is speed. The Cloud Product Information Matching System (ssgs Cloud System) uses Google’s cloud computing technology to connect the original virtual cloud technology with its own mobile application, which allows the operating system on the phone to run cloud computing programs, which greatly improves the phone. function and performance.

At the same time, ssgs Cloud System mobile app can also simulate various complex cloud computing algorithms, so users can earn worldwide e-commerce advertising fees with our mobile app. Why not?

ssgs technical team is the best system engineer in the world. They all share the same belief as the company’s founders, have a difficult mission and are consistently moving towards the company’s stated vision, the promise of creating a leading global cloud advertising system for the benefit of all mankind.

Ssgs is currently working with cdiscount, the largest cross-border platform in France. It has nine strategic partners including:, bingabinga, la redondo, vente privé, net – A – porter, otto, allegro, zalando and eprice.

SSGS: Let people no longer hate the way eCommerce products are promoted, but see and embrace eCommerce products as their own spiritual sustenance and even as an opportunity to continue making money.

SSGS Social Responsibility

Ssgs Angel Charity Project (bacp) is ssgs Electronic Commerce Co.,Ltd. Specially established in Bolivia at the request of the British Red Cross, the Charity Department has as its main objective poverty alleviation and support to vulnerable groups.

Through ssgs e – Commerce’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), bacp has reached a consensus with the Bolivian Government to jointly respond to the British Red Cross’ various welfare and charity projects in 188 countries around the world. The late Queen Elizabeth II and recent philanthropy are expected to continue. The philanthropy of King Charles III. of England, regardless of national borders, is dedicated to love all over the world.

As the charitable representative of the British Red Cross in Bolivia, SSGS e-Commerce Co., Ltd. As the British Red Cross is a representative of the British royal family and a guarantor of credibility to the international community, the British Red Cross plays a vital role in the public welfare of Bolivia.

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