With the development of human society, from commodities to commodities to currency transactions, the market keeps replacing when the products of value are converted into a series of numbers, everyone thinks about the safety of digital assets and devaluation. Newton Investment Management was born of the market.

Newton Investment Management is a subsidiary of the BNY Mellon Group. Since its inception in the 1780s, it has grown to become the seventh largest professional investment company in the world. Backed by the strength, size and investment experience of BNY Mellon, it can easily provide investors with investment solutions and options on key themes.

Newton Investments is more investment conscious than other institutions. It has invested in the Indian e-commerce company Flipkart, the mobile payment company Paytm, the online car hailing platform Ola and the hotel information aggregation platform OYO. There are also tech companies like Prop Tiger and True Balance. All of them have achieved investment returns in a short period of time that have far exceeded expectations.

Newton Themed Investment has a brand new P2C internet online investment and wealth management platform. It aims to provide the most authentic, fair and high quality services to offline and online finance companies in need.

Newton Investment Management is based on the BNY Mellon Trust Fund Company to ensure the absolutely safe custody of client funds. The professional selection ensures that all investment options for entry are coordinated with the best investment timing so that members can generate returns quickly.

Please note the worldwide uniform logo of the APP when downloading the Newton-themed financial management system. And APP login link: www.newtonim.in

Newton Investment Management global portal:


Official website of BNY MELLON https://www.bnymellonim.com

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