As early as 2016, the National Energy Agency published the “Guidelines for promoting the development of “Internet +” smart energy” and the idea of ​​”the construction of intelligent wind farms, intelligent photovoltaic power plants and other facilities and Internet-based smart operation cloud platforms to realize a intelligent generation of renewable energy” was proposed for the first time. The “Principles” promote the development of information mining and intelligent forecasting services based on big data in the energy field, and promote accurate planning, fault diagnosis and status maintenance of the operation and management of energy facilities. After several years of development, many wind power companies have essentially realized intelligent production, and capital has also made higher demands on the management of wind power companies. “Wind power companies are facing a new transformation. Realizing intelligent production and management, and building a new system of intelligent integration of production and management have become the general trend,” said GAO Wenxia, ​​a well-known domestic management expert in the field of wind energy.

In 2011, GAO Wenxia recognized the enormous potential of the wind power industry with her keen intuition and founded her own wind power industry management by chance. After two years of researching the industry and professional accumulation, GAO Wenxia established Shanghai New Longyoung Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013. and became general manager and operations manager of the company. After that, GAO Wenxia continued to gain experience in the wind energy industry and the company prospered under her leadership and operation. The business scale, production scale and business market continued to expand, accumulating large amounts of capital.

In 2017, Jiangsu Chengyu Wind Power Technology Co.,Ltd. founded, the second wind power company founded by GAO Wenxia. The company’s business scope includes research and development, production, sales, technical services, technical consulting, wind power field mechanics and fluid mechanics software research and development, and wind turbine testing services, and provides a total solution to improve wind turbine power generation, safety and stability, etc., and its business scope is very wide. At present, Jiangsu Chengyu Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. founded by GAO Wenxia. already a major supply chain company in the wind power industry. The equipment he made is used in many domestic wind turbines and has many patented inventions, which are unmatched in China. At the same time, Jiangsu Chengyu Wind Power Technology Co.,Ltd. also a “national high-tech enterprise” and has received nearly two million reward funds. And GAO Wenxia itself has also become famous in the field of wind power. With her excellent managerial skills and reliable industry resources, she has become a well-known expert in wind power management in the industry.

As a core manager of a leading company in the wind energy industry, GAO Wenxia has her own unique views on management. She believes that the realization of intelligent management is the direction for the development of wind power companies in the future. The application of relevant innovative technologies in the wind energy industry will generate industry innovations and new development opportunities. Based on advanced knowledge and industry development status, GAO Wenxia has successively developed a series of technical achievements, including “Artificial Intelligence-based Wind Turbine Data Maintenance and Management System V1.0”, “Visual Wind Turbine Monitoring and Management System on Big Data V1.0” , which has an important impact on the development of wind power industry. Among them, “Artificial Intelligence-Based Wind Turbine Data Maintenance and Management System V1.0” innovatively applies artificial intelligence technology to wind turbine management and maintenance. The system has powerful automatic data processing functions and can classify and process the collected data of wind turbines in the form of grid division, and maintain and manage wind turbines accurately through the one-to-one correspondence of turbine data on the grid. According to GAO Wenxia, ​​the research and development of the “Artificial Intelligence-Based Wind Turbine Data Maintenance and Management System V1.0” is inspired by the human body’s operating system, and these “data grids” like various human body organs , are controlled by the main system, but have theirs their own unique features and are interconnected and complementary to each other.

If GAO Wenxia’s artificial intelligence-based “Artificial Intelligence-Based Wind Power Equipment Data Maintenance and Management System V1.0” is the “Operation Management Officer” of internal data, then another system it developed, “Visual Monitoring and Management System of Wind Power Equipment Based on Big Data V1.0” can be seen as an “inspector” of external data. The system “Visual Monitoring and Management System of Wind Power Equipment Based on Big Data V1.0” realizes the visualization of various data of wind turbines through the online simulation of the core system of the electronic computer. In addition, the system has been innovatively integrated into the development process with a new virtual surveillance device capable of 360-degree scanning and surveillance with no blind spots. Through the equipped high-definition large screen, users can see the online data and three-dimensional digital design model of wind turbines, easily control the whole process of wind turbine operation, and achieve convenient management. The two systems developed by GAO Wenxia not only help improve the management efficiency of wind turbines, but also help save resource costs, which has been tested by the market. For both of these systems, many co-operatives have given positive feedback, and industry experts have given high praise.

“With the realization of the intelligent management of wind power companies and the opening of new patterns in the field of wind power, there is also a shortage of relevant specialists today. I hope more professionals will join this field to promote innovation and development,” said GAO Wenxia. (Reporter: Sandy Morgan)

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