The blockchain game KingdomX recently completed its $ 2 million funding rounds from its investors. The funding event was led by LD Capital and DAO Maker, followed by another five high-ranking investors who were very interested in the blockchain-based game. This result marks a huge achievement for the KingdomX team as the success of the event speaks volumes about the game’s true potential to stand out in the decentralized gaming scene.

The investors

The investors are well-known names in the blockchain financial industry as each of them has invested in projects with great upside potential due to their innovative strength and usability. These investors have a track record of funding projects that deliver coherent value propositions and represent the ideal market conditions for their target audiences.

LD Capital is known for investing in projects whose common denominator is innovation. In addition, LD Capital has an extensive investment portfolio of first-class crypto gaming projects such as Decentraland, Immutable X, Star Atlas and Demole. Like Kingdom X, each of them has enriched the game landscape in different ways and thus made a valuable contribution to the user experience in the decentralized space.

DAO Maker, on the other hand, is one of the most famous launchpads within the crypto ecosystem. DAO Maker is known for helping numerous high quality projects get the funding they need to get off to a proper start in the decentralized world. His most successful projects include projects such as Famefi, My Neighbor Alice and Orion Protocol.

The investors who contributed to this funding round are said to receive Knight Tokens (KT), which are the main fungible tokens of the Kindom X game, used for governance purposes and value transfer.

About KingdomX

KingdomX is an Ethereum-based NFT strategy game in which players can collect heroes, master challenges and participate in wars with the ultimate goal of consolidating their kingdom through social networks and territorial development. Players can own up to four different assets from two different asset categories, fungible and non-fungible NFT tokens. These components are directly influenced by the players through the game’s innovative technology, on aspects such as supply and demand or asset properties.

A growing community

Because of its outstanding performance and value proposition, KingdomX has been noticed by various gaming communities within the crypto environment. Among those who were enthusiastic about KingdomX and its game concept, we can list: Avocado Guild, Unix Gaming, MetaGaming Guild, Good Game Guild, MAO DAO and SnapFingers Dao.

The increased interest in KingdomX from other players in the decentralized gaming community is an extremely positive response to its potential growth in the near future, as it will likely attract players from across the room and help the user base grow exponentially.

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