On May 8, Canadian Visionary Group successfully held a global live-streamed press conference titled “Visionary Transitions from Education to Innovative Technology, Life Sciences and AI Education” at the Visionary Tower in Toronto.
Report by Su Qing, journalist from China Cultural Figures

Mr. William Chai, Chairman of Visionary Group, said in his address that this strategic transformation of Visionary Group not only facilitates the Group's entry into high-growth sectors, but also enables it to make significant contributions to social development.

In his address, Vice Chairman Marc Kealey emphasized the importance of talent and technology in business development. He reiterated that Visionary's transformation would bring new vitality to Canada's economy and technological progress, thereby further promoting friendly economic cooperation between China and Canada.

In his remarks, CEO Chen Zhong expressed his hope to attract more talented people to Visionary. He pledged to lead the new management team in devoting its full energies to driving the growth of new industries, achieving the Group's business objectives and thereby creating greater value for both shareholders and society.

Ms. Lan, founding president of the Canadian Yunnan Chamber of Commerce, gave a speech.

The spokesman for the Visionary Group presented the transformation projects.

Chinese Cultural Workers (Su Qing, Journalistg) On the morning of May 8, 2024 at 9:00 a.m., Visionary successfully held a live global press conference titled “Visionary's Successful Transition from Traditional Education” at the Conference Center on the 1st Floor of Visionary Tower in Toronto on high-tech, life sciences and artificial intelligence education.” Almost 200 high-ranking guests were present, including representatives from politics, business and science as well as prominent figures in society.
Representatives of the Canadian federal government, including Senator Zixiu Hu, Mr. Zhenyu Jiang, Deputy Minister of Canada's Ministry of Culture and Member of Parliament, and Mr. Vincent Ke, a provincial legislator from Ontario, sent congratulatory letters praising Visionary for achieving such significant achievements in a short period of time have. They praised Visionary for its positive contribution to advancing science, technology and education in Canada.
Mr. William Chai, Chairman of Visionary, Mr. Marc Kealey, Vice Chairman, and CEO Mr. Zhong Chen delivered important speeches during the event. They expressed great pride and confidence in Visionary's successful transformation and the future development prospects of Visionary's three main business areas. They believe Visionary will continue to provide greater opportunities and contributions to the advancement of Canada's technology and innovation economy.
Mr. William Chai, Chairman of Visionary, said in his speech: “Two years ago, Visionary Group took a bold step into the public market with our IPO.” Today we stand here full of gratitude for the support we have received from our partners, Investors, employees and the broader community have received. We owe our success to your unwavering trust and belief in our mission. On this occasion, we also celebrate the transformative journey that Visionary Group has embarked on. In recent weeks, we have strategically diversified our operations, moving from a traditional education business to a focus on healthcare, clean energy, innovation and AI-driven initiatives. This development has not only enabled us to tap into high-growth sectors, but has also enabled us to make a meaningful contribution to improving society. This transformation would not have been possible without our remarkable team and the strong relationships we have cultivated with all of you. Your advice, collaboration and camaraderie have been invaluable and we look forward to many more years of shared success.
In light of significant changes in Canadian education policy, particularly restricting international student visas and reshaping the education system, Visionary initiated a strategic transformation in September 2023. After over six months of transitioning from traditional education to high technology, life sciences and AI education, our efforts have enabled us to successfully implement these strategic transformation goals.
These goals are explained below:
1, Visionary has agreed with Farnova Holding Group to collaborate on establishing a manufacturing facility in Toronto to become Canada's first independent new energy vehicle brand, filling a gap in the Canadian market. The product line includes sports cars, microcars, cold chain/logistics vehicles, electric buses, yachts and other series of new energy vehicles. Farnova Holding Group has a wealth of cutting-edge proprietary technologies in the areas of electric and hybrid vehicles. In addition, renowned Italian racing engineer Giorgio Stirano is President and Technical Director of Farnova Holding Group, which ensures promising future prospects for Farnova.
2, Visionary has partnered with Canada's BRAUN Bio Technology Group Inc. to form Visionary Biotech Group Inc. in Toronto. Visionary has world-class biochip technology products, filling a gap in the Canadian market. BRAUN was founded in March 2011 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, by Canadian academics, including Victor CM Leung from the Royal Society of Canada and the Canadian Academy of Engineering, and American academics. With a total investment of nearly US$150 million over more than a decade, BRAUN has focused on biochip development and collaborated with renowned medical institutions in the United States and Canada to develop multiple products for medical bedside testing, drug development, animal quarantine, etc develop cold chain transport. These products include medical chips, animal chips, cold chain chips and agricultural chips, among others. Currently, the products have completed clinical testing, process validation and small-scale production. Visionary has partnered with China's Zhejiang Ruikun Technology Group to invest $300 million to build a factory in Nantong, China, filling a gap in the Chinese market. The factory is scheduled to begin production in March 2025 and will have a production value of over $3 billion over the next five years, creating significant economic and social value for Visionary.
3. Visionary has partnered with China's top 500 companies Red Sun Group to jointly invest in establishing the Life Science Industry Group in Toronto. The Life Science Industry Group's goal is to become the world's largest industry platform for niacinamide (whitening) and anti-aging NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide). Leveraging Red Sun Group's world-leading raw material base and technical platforms for niacinamide and NMN, Visionary intends to build a complete industrial chain business system ranging from raw materials to functional foods, skin care products, functional animal health products and future medical end products. These products supply the cosmetics, food and pet supplies industries, pharmaceutical and medical facilities and end customers worldwide.
4, Visionary has acquired Shenzhen Guoli Intelligent Technology Group, a global leader in STEM AI education solutions for youth. Guoli owns nearly 100 patents and offers over 100 products sold in over 30 countries worldwide. This acquisition positions Visionary as Canada's largest provider of artificial intelligence education services.
Visionary takes a new approach, leveraging the “merger and integration innovation” business model to collaborate with global elites and evolve at an innovative and remarkable pace. We are making more contributions to realizing humanity's desires for “happiness, beauty and longevity.”

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