Leefire which was founded in 2017 has become a leader of the global e-commerce marketing service, providing numerous opportunities for people to create wealth for over 2.5 million users. Both new and old members can easily earn rewards on Leefire.

In order to provide users with more opportunities to create wealth, and to achieve mutual profits and benefits between the platform and users, the Leefire headquarters proposed its “Branch” program on April 8, 2022!

What is the “Branch” program?

Let users become the boss, and everyone has an opportunity to become a part of the Leefire Group and set up their own company. The headquarter will support capable and ambitious users to set up a Leefire branch, so as to create value and achievements for each other along with Leefire.

What are the benefits of setting up a Leefire‘s branch?

1. The headquarters will provide a sum of start-up capital worth $50,000

2. The headquarters will assign professional staff to visit the site, assist the branch to do the site selection, and provide a complete team marketing training

3. Participate in the quarterly and annual industry exchange conferences held by the headquarters

4. Rewarded by 10% of the revenue if the quarterly revenue meets certain requirements

Requirements for applying to open a Leefire’s branch:

1. Join Leefire to complete the VIP7 task for more than 2 months

2. The number of first-level friends reaches 200 or more

3. The fixed office space is not less than 100 square meters. Located in Manila, Davao, Quezon City in Philippines, it should have a team of more than 20 people

4. The start-up capital of the branch should be more than $50,000 or more

The headquarter will also assess the comprehensive operation of the branch quarterly, and provide support from multiple aspects, including material resources, personnel training, risk management, etc., to promote the efficient development of the branch.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in application, you can send your contact information and team information to [email protected]. We will review and contact you as soon as possible. With rapid development of the current business, Leefire has a bright future. We are looking forward to your participation!

Click the link to see: https://leefire.com

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