Philanthropy is a noble cause of poverty alleviation, benefiting the country and the people, a necessary supplement to the social security system, and plays an irreplaceable and important role in improving people’s livelihood. Clover Charity Foundation has always attached great importance to the development of charity, through the joint efforts of all members, the total amount of charitable funds has been expanding, and charitable assistance has been continuously carried out in depth. A large number of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, elderly and orphan care, medical assistance and education assistance projects have been widely carried out, and the charity deeds of love and piles have sown the seeds of charity in the hearts of the people, composed a moving music full of love and people, and produced a positive and far-reaching social impact.

I. Enhance the sense of responsibility for the development of philanthropy

Loving kindness is called kindness, and doing great things to help the needy is good. Charity is a large-scale and systematic social welfare activity for people to help the vulnerable groups in society out of love and kindness, and it is a glorious cause and a noble cause. We must fully understand its great significance, mobilize and organize the whole society, and actively participate in this cause that benefits the masses of the people.

Today, we vigorously develop charity, that is, to inject the connotation of the times, to change the spontaneous accumulation of good deeds into conscious and organized social charity relief actions, to collect trickles into gushing rivers of love, to send charcoal to the vulnerable groups, and to solve urgent needs, which is the development and sublimation of traditional charity culture.

Second, promote the development of charity to a new level

At present, with the acceleration of the development process of the times, the charity community continues to grow, their ability to participate in charity is increasing, we must seize the opportunity, tap the potential, and vigorously promote the development of four-leaf clover charity to a new level.

1. Strengthen market investment, expand investment direction in stocks, funds, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, real estate, entities and other industries, and increase self-owned funds The amount of charitable donations provides strong income security for team members. Increase the fundraising efforts and strengthen the financial strength. Further broaden the field of fundraising, innovate fundraising methods, and adopt various forms and channels to raise funds. Through joint efforts, a new wave of support for the accelerated development of philanthropy will be set off.

  • It is necessary to see practical results in the development of charitable projects. Charity funds are the crystallization of the love of the whole society, little by little, not easy to come by. In the use of charitable funds, we must adhere to the people-oriented, start from helping the people in need to solve the most basic, most urgent, and most urgent problems, rationally formulate charitable projects, and fully do a good job of all kinds of charitable relief work.

3. It is necessary to explore the cultivation of a culture of charity. In recent years, many large-scale enterprises have paid more and more attention to charity and actively participated in charity and public welfare, and the philanthropic culture has gradually infiltrated into the corporate culture. Therefore, we should summarize the charity culture of Clover and create a distinctive charity culture brand. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen guidance and support for the charitable behavior of all members, encourage more people to directly participate in the construction of charity culture, let ordinary people truly become the protagonists of charity, make charity culture an integral part of mass culture, and promote the rapid development of charity.

As a charity fund, we should be more soberly aware that paying attention to the development of charity and caring for the bitterness of the people is an important part of building a “harmonious and emerging”, an important measure to create an excellent development environment and achieve sustainable development, and a social responsibility that each of our philanthropists should bear. Actively cooperate with charitable organizations in the fields of disaster relief, emergency relief, poverty alleviation, respect for the elderly and the disabled, medical assistance and education assistance, and provide intellectual, material and financial support within their capabilities.

There is a straight heart in the world, and the crowd collects firewood and the flame is high. We hope that everyone with social responsibility and loving heart can actively join the charity team of Clover and nourish the hearts of those who are vulnerable with love.

Philanthropy is a cause that is meritorious in the present and for future generations, and it is also a cause that sows hope and happiness. Let us take active actions, actively dedicate love, do more good deeds and righteous deeds, and continue to write a new chapter of charity with sincerity and enthusiasm!

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