AMA, an e-commerce marketing platform registered in the US in 2008, has established a strong branch in Malaysia in 2022 and its innovative money-making model has successfully driven local people to double their income.

(Malaysia Branch Business Licence)

There is no complicated and tedious process to make money in AMA. Users only need to complete tasks online to earn commissions, which is safe and efficientrealizing the true meaning of “low threshold, high returns”!

Advantages of making money at AMA:

  1. Professional and efficient

The professional Demo Trading system developed by AMA can not only effectively increase the exposure and sales of products for the partner merchants, but also provide substantial remuneration for users who complete the tasks, making the process of Demo Trading easy and fast and greatly improving the efficiency of doing the tasks.

AMA offers a high level of income far beyond that of other platforms, and users can earn up to RM25,077.60/day for doing tasks. Meanwhile, thanks to the great VIP benefit mechanism, AMA users can enjoy a high and permanent commission share from their friends in addition to the salary issued by the platform!

As an annual big project created by the American Marketing Association, AMA has unparalleled top resources and trust endorsement and also introduces the most advanced blockchain technology, which can greatly protect users’ assets through an advanced encryption technology that cannot be tampered with.

AMA plans to be launched on mainstream digital currency exchange in October to achieve stable growth of platform revenue value. More exciting benefits are waiting for you at AMA, and we are looking forward to more friends joining to create wealth together!

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