Another exchange in the blockchain industry that provides full trading functionality – SCTCEX is about to go online and SCTCEX ecology has taken a new step. Starting an exchange doesn’t seem like a big deal. After all, there are so many exchange projects going on in the cryptocurrency industry today and different projects popping up and disappearing every day. However, the SCTCEX team is preparing to put their skills to the test this time. What gives them confidence is their own strength and long-term planning, as well as their confidence in the R&D strength of the entire technology R&D team.

In today’s three-part world of the Huobi, Binance, and OK exchanges, if you want to get noticed you need to have your own bright spots. The so-called good platform requires sufficient ambition. The strategic layout at the beginning must reach a climax. SCTCEX targets the chaos of the current cryptocurrency industry. Anyone who comes from the traditional financial sector is ready to use professional technology and high-frequency precision. Trading model to change all of this.

Since the rise of the cryptocurrency market is relatively short unlike the stock and securities markets which have seen a long period of rainfall, the market is chaotic. The chaotic problems facing the cryptocurrency industry have been controversial and difficult to accept by mainstream society. The chaos in the blockchain industry today has generated a lot of dissatisfaction and complaints. People inside and outside the industry are eager to solve these malignant tumors and put the blockchain industry on the right track.

SCTCEX’s environmental team decided to introduce traditional finance industry technologies to the blockchain industry in order to bring professional management and services to the cryptocurrency market. The intelligent cloud high frequency strategy trading is the first combination hit of the SCTCEX eco team, and the SCTCEX TOKEN is used to anchor the entire ecosystem to create a secure, open and stable platform for digital asset sharing.

As the hub connecting the blockchain and the physical world, exchanges hold a very important position in the cryptocurrency industry. There are currently more than 10,000 asset trading platforms worldwide. For project participants and users, the selection of a suitable trading platform is still very blind.

The listing of the currency should be a win-win situation for the project party and the stock exchange. Good projects will bring new users, stimulate more trading activity, and both the exchange and the project will generate profits. However, after many project partners had paid the exchange, they found that apart from the sales orders from the previous investors, there was no trading volume at all. The exchange also did not have a professional market value management team, which resulted in the project failing online and eventually becoming an air currency. Ordinary users do not have first-hand information channels and they lack professional investment knowledge. Often times, they find it difficult to find the right time to buy and sell, and they end up completely locked up. This is the status quo of the currency area.

In order to solve these weaknesses, SCTCEX provides the project parties with free market value management tools and offers them professional market value management training and technical support in order to avoid that the project parties spend all their money on market value management and have no money on development.

Before the project goes live, SCTCEX will conclude a non-breaking guarantee agreement with the project party to protect the interests of the users, so that the air coin project “Finance, collect money and cut leeks” will no longer appear. SCTCEX also introduces professional quantitative trading tools to the financial industry, providing users with semi-automated monitoring software, monitoring unusual currency rate changes, and assisting users with profitable deliveries.

At the same time, SCTCEX offers the most comprehensive binary options trading system for global users. As the world’s leading binary options broker, SCTCEX Binary Options strives to provide its customers with the highest quality options products and the best trading tools. At the SCTCEX, investors can trade short-term options from 60 seconds to 300 seconds, classic binary options from a few minutes to 1 day and long-term options from days, weeks to months; At the same time, SCTCEX offers a possibility that can be placed on the weekend. Touch-to-pay options and dynamic option ladder charts with the highest single return rate up to 15 times. In addition, SCTCEX Binary Options has long endeavored to provide professional and detailed information services to its customers. It can provide investors with 12-hour online customer service, free trading assistants, daily trading strategy transactions, third-party instant call services, and appeal process handling. A range of meticulous, professional and thoughtful services, complemented by value-added services with no withdrawal restrictions, no processing fees and a quick arrival on the account, will make every effort to build the world’s best binary options investment platform!

As the industry’s first project to launch a token before the project started, the SCTCEX token has already gained a large number of loyal users before going online. After the official start of SCTCEX, the SCTCEX token will be put into circulation as a platform currency. Coin holders can enjoy various high-quality IEO airdrops and receive private product customizations, project incubation from a single source and other services via the SCTCEX token. Part of the proceeds will be processed through the SCTCEX token. Destruction, the exchange regularly uses a portion of fee revenue to buy back SCTCEX tokens and destroy advertising to ensure SCTCEX’s deflationary appreciation.

In addition to spreading as a platform currency, SCTCEX tokens will have other application scenarios in the future, such as companies), part of the profits from online e-commerce shopping and mining investments will be returned to the holders of SCTCEX tokens.

The status quo of the industry has worried many people. More and more old players and Xiaobai are looking forward to a dedicated platform that will meet the different needs of customers. From this point of view, SCTCEX has actually succeeded and relies on The core task of the industry is to optimize and improve the existing framework structure in order to create a full-service platform. Break the traditional single platform concept and become a true blockchain platform.

In the digital currency market, it can be said that the changes are endless. Whether the mess can be managed successfully depends on everyone’s consensus on SCTCEX at this point. As the industry continues to evolve, the market inside and outside the market will eventually become more formalized and streamlined. It also has to be a team that really cares about customer needs. Whether SCTCEX can become a clear stream in the world of the currency circle for the transformation, let’s wait and see!

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