Author: Cecelia Hunter

The field of art and design is currently experiencing rapid development and continuous change. With the advancement of technology and the advent of the digital age, art and design integrate various technologies and push the boundaries of creativity. At the same time, the integration and exchange of different cultures have brought more inspiration and expression for art and design. Therefore, highly qualified talents with extensive expertise and mastery of cutting-edge technologies play an important role in the development of the art and design industry. Ms. Wang Hong, Art and Design Director of Poetic & Picturesque (Beijing) Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and contract painter at Beijing Zhongxuan Shengshi International Painting and Calligraphy Academy, is a renowned artist with outstanding innovative skills and achievements in the field of art and design. Today we have the privilege of interviewing Ms. Wang Hong, who will tell us about her explorations and innovations in the field of art and design, as well as her vision for the future. Let's listen together to their experiences, insights and unique perspectives to explore the fascinating world of art and design.

Journalist: Ms. Wang, thank you for accepting our interview. As an artist, how do you perceive the role and impact of technological developments in the art and design industry?
Wang Hong: It is an honor for me to take part in this interview. I believe that technological development offers artists greater creative space and diverse possibilities of expression, breaking the limitations of traditional materials and techniques. For example, technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and deep learning offer new possibilities for creation and interactive experiences that allow audiences to directly engage with works of art. In addition, technological advances have also opened up broader distribution channels and market opportunities for the art and design industry, allowing artworks to reach a global audience more quickly and easily. In conclusion, technological development brings more innovation, convenience and possibilities to the art and design industry, and stimulates artists' inspiration and creativity.

Journalist: We learned that you have made a number of important intellectual property achievements in the field of art and design, such as “virtual reality-based interactive art experience system”, “data-driven art market trend analysis system” and “deep learning based”. Art creation system”. Can you tell us the stories behind these achievements and their significant role?
Wang Hong: Naturally. These intellectual property achievements are the result of my long-term efforts and innovations. “Virtual reality-based interactive art experience system” allows audiences to interact with artworks and have immersive experiences through virtual reality technology, breaking the limitations of traditional art exhibitions and providing viewers with new artistic sensations and experiences. “Data-driven art market trend analysis system” helps artists comprehensively understand market needs and trends through data analysis and market research, and provides decision support for their artistic creation and market promotion. “Deep learning-based art creation system” uses deep learning algorithms to learn and simulate from a massive amount of art data, providing inspiration and guidance for artists' creation. These achievements play an important role in improving the art experience, promoting the development of the art market and promoting innovation in art making. They bring new opportunities and possibilities to the field of art and design and also contribute to the prosperity of the cultural and creative industries.

Journalist: We also learned that you conducted research as part of the significant scientific research project “Analysis of the influence of cultural background on the creation of artistic designs and the viewing experience”. Could you please tell us about the main content of this research project and its significance to the field of art and design?
Wang Hong: Surely. This research project is about how artistic design stages everyday life in an aesthetic way and explores the background and reasons for this phenomenon. This research is of great importance to the field of art and design as it demonstrates the close relationship between artistic design and consumer culture. By addressing the role and influence of artistic design in a consumer society, it helps deepen understanding of the nature and meaning of artistic design, leading it to embrace the values ​​of truth, goodness, beauty and responsibility to take on, to serve society. Therefore, this research project is of significant importance in promoting the development of the art and design field and increasing the social value and influence of design.

Journalist: Finally, what advice do you have for young people interested in the field of art and design?
Wang Hong: I advise young people who are passionate about art and design to maintain their enthusiasm for innovation and learning and to continually research and practice. Art and design is a field full of endless possibilities and requires continuous learning and experimentation with new technologies and methods. In addition to basic knowledge of art and design, it is also important to understand fashion trends, market demands and cultural trends. This will help them better capitalize on market opportunities and challenges. In addition, I recommend young artists to participate in artistic creation, collaborate and communicate with like-minded people, gain rich experience and network resources, and continuously improve their creative skills and competitiveness in the market. Most importantly, they maintain their love and passion for art and persistently strive for excellence as these are key factors in becoming successful artists.
As a renowned artist, Wang Hong demonstrates the limitless possibilities of integrating art and technological innovation through her innovative explorations in art and design. I believe that under her leadership, the art and design field will see smarter and more innovative developments. I hope that more young people can be inspired by Wang Hong and contribute their efforts to the prosperity and innovation of the art and design field.

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