On May 3rd, Pelo, a Web 3.0 payment solutions provider headquartered in Singapore, announced the closing of a $2 million seed funding round. It provides web3.0 payment solutions to developers including but not limited to web3.0 wallets, layer1 networks and stablecoins. Currently, Pelo has completed development of the alpha version.

With the continued improvement of crypto oversight and further industry compliance, the market is poised for traditional users to enter.

But on a technical level, the threshold of blockchain and cryptocurrency is too high for traditional users. This is when Pelo came into being.

Pelo provides a complete Web3.0 payment solution for application developers, allowing application users to experience Web3.0 without being aware of the blockchain.

Pelo has currently completed Alpha, including but not limited to:

• Web3.0 for developer APIs

• Layer1 underlying network

Several developers are currently taking part in the test.

web 2.0 Conventional blockchain Through Web 3.0
Registration social media Key or seed phrase social media
payment Password confirmation Crypto wallet transfer digital signature
speed Very high Low Very high
network fee 0u 0.1~5u 0u
Difficulty taking off Low Very high Low
Service fee 0.1% 1~20% 0.1%
Quota Limit strictly Unlimited loose

Official website: https://pelo.ai

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 1(646)853-9137

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