On January 10, 2019, North America Zike International Group (NAZK) established a sub-brand in Boston, Massachusetts to lay out the blockchain mining industry, and Planet Mining Pool (PMP) was born. PMP is the world’s leading one- stop blockchain computing power cloud platform, initially mainly providing BTC, ETH, FIL and PMP,as well as digital asset management services and enterprise-level public chainapplication development services and building a mining businessecosystem with mining farms as the core.

In essence, PMP is a new mining company focusing on cloud computing power, mainstream coin mining and other solution customizations. With professional services, a good reputation and prestige, PMP has won the trust and support

of global customers. PMP’S directly owned and invested mining farms are located in Canada, the United States, Russia,Kazakhstan, Norway and other places, with a continuous supply of electricity throughout the year, a power supply capacity of 220 MW, and can accommodate 60,000 mining machines for mining at the same time. Taking advantage of its mining resources, PMP Mining has created its PMP cloud computing platform.

In 2020, PMP ushered in a new brand strategy upgrade, based on cloud computing power mining as the core, offiallyentering the whole industry ecosystem chain of mining, comprehensively laying out wallet, exchange, public chain,finance and other services,aiming at building an unprecedented blockchain cloud computing power miningeco-platform based on the platform coin PMP, and providing the best quality and most comprehensive mining services for miners worldwide.

At present, PMP has established mining farms in many countries around the world, and our mining pools are distributed in more than 20 countries around the world. 61 mining farms have been established with a total installed capacity of 800,000 graphics cards and chip mining machines. Among them, BNP has 19 large-scale blockchain mining farms around the world, deployed in Russia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Mongolia, the United States, Norway, India and other countries, with a total power supply capacity of up to 600 megawatts, which can supply up to 400,000 mining machines run simultaneously. “Over 800,000 mining machines.

Your work is promising because you are directly involved in the production of cryptocurrencies on BNPMINE. We have connected the physical mining farm of BNPMINE with the application, we only need a mobile phone, and it only takes 1 minute a day to click to start the mining machine and start earning money.

PMPMINE is certified in many countries around the world.

According to PMPMINE, each cryptocurrency miner who joins PMPMINE can rent a cryptocurrency mining machine on PMPMINE’s mining platform for daily operations. The miner generates cryptocurrency every 24 hours of operation, and the intelligent system of PMP automatically converts the cryptocurrency earned by the miner into USD, and the miner can withdraw these earnings to their bank account at any time.

To allow more people to have a basic source of income during the pandemic, we at PMPmine even pay people 30% of the profits earned by all miners as wages. 40% of the profit is used as a maintenance fund for the energy consumption and hardware consumption of the mining machines.

The 2019 pandemic outbreak has left many of us in South Africa out of work. To help more people find employment, we have also signed a nine-year employment partnership agreement with the South African government. In order to give the people of South Africa a better quality of life and provide more social assistance. Our company plans to carry out aid activities in South Africa to bring more support to the poor people in South Africa.

This is the official website of our company platform, you can learn more about our company. At the same time, everyone is very welcome to join our company and work together.www.pmp-mine.com

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