On November 4th, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. UAE time, the JIN SHA Kong Gu Group and Royal Strategic Partners (RSP) held a grand signing ceremony at the H Hotel Conference Center in Dubai, UAE. The main content covered blockchain, finance, entertainment, real estate and other areas. Two parties have signed a joint venture agreement in the field of digital asset exchange and entertainment games. Later they will conclude specific project contracts with the Abu Dhabi Capital Group in the real estate and investment sector.

The Royal Strategic Partners, a subsidiary of the private institutional investment house Abu Dhabi Capital Group (ADCG). The Abu Dhabi Capital Group is a capital group under the Vice Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council and the younger brother of the Crown Prince of the UAE, Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan. They focus on investing and developing emerging industries in the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, the UAE Royal Strategic Partners is the core operator of the friendly cooperation organization of the UAE HALA CHINA. It has made outstanding contributions to the promotion of Sino-Arab business communication, investment cooperation and intercultural communication. It is supported and valued by the governments and people of China and the UAE.

Dr. Hamad Al Ali, CEO of Royal Strategic Partners, and Mr. Liu Yang, Chairman of the Board of JIN SHA Kong Gu Group, attended the ceremony and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Mr. Abubaker Seddiq Al Khoori, the CEO of Abu Dhabi Capital Group, attended the testimony and gave a speech.

In Mr. Liu Yang’s speech, he pressed Abubaker Seddiq Al Khoori and Dr. Hamad Al Ali expresses his sincere appreciation for your trust and strong support. He also unveiled that JIN SHA Kong Gu Group is a multinational investment group that will develop based on the UAE national development strategy in cross-border e-commerce, blockchain technology, finance, real estate, entertainment and other fields. Under the leadership of Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the two parties will work hard to build the largest Sino-Arab cooperative investment aircraft carrier in the Middle East!

According to JIN SHA Kong Gu Group’s external disclosure, the strategic collaboration agreement with Royal Strategic Partners will complete the strategic investment of $ 2 billion across the UAE industry in the coming year 2022. The investment content includes blockchain, finance, internet, entertainment, real estate, medicine and other fields. In the meantime, the group will work with the Abu Dhabi Royal Fund and government funds to set up a blockchain industrial fund and then set up a blockchain compliance exchange for digital assets, but the exact release time of the exchange has not been disclosed.

The delegation of the JIN SHA Kong Gu Group was invited by the Egyptian government on October 23, 2021. The first meeting took place in the New Cairo Government Building. The meeting had in-depth discussions and dialogues on blockchain, finance, internet, entertainment, real estate, e-commerce and other industries.

During the meeting, the Egyptian Finance Minister expressed his warm welcome and appreciation for the JIN SHA Kong Gu Group’s visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt. The Egyptian government this time reaffirmed the communication between the two parties and praised the continuous steady and high quality development of the group. Afterwards, the Egyptian government also presented Egypt’s development in the areas of blockchain, internet, real estate and finance. The Egyptian government said it expects both sides to further strengthen the complementary benefits and sharing of economy, culture, resources and market in order to achieve high quality development in the future.

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