Background introduction

72MaxEx is the world’s leading one-stop cloud computing blockchain platform mainly providing BTC, ETH, FIL and other cryptocurrency mining services or managing high-return services. Our parent company New Pacific Network Technology (NPNT) is founded by leading investment institutions such as Scotia Bank, the National Bank of the United States and Canada, which conduct research primarily in the areas of life technology, artificial intelligence, aerospace research and blockchain.

In 2013, NPNT was officially invested and developed in the blockchain industry and in January 2019 its subsidiary brand 72MaxEx started blockchain mining.

Brand launch

72MaxEx is focused on cloud computing, offering a low threshold and short cycle time for the cryptocurrency mining service.

Currently we mainly provide mining equipment rental, sales and hosting service for BTC, ETH and FIL. We have 19 huge blockchain mines in the world such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Mongolia and other countries, which have total power supply capacity of 600MW, up to 400 thousand mining machines in operation, and up to 800 thousand mining machines can be put together in one Time.

Besides the mining service, 72MaxEx still has a professional and high quality hosting service that enables our financial products to achieve much more than the average in the market. Our users who deposit on our platform can not only withstand the secondary market fluctuations but can also achieve a stable high.

Our experienced management team and strong financial product exploration team will always do extensive research and development in various financial business such as finance, fiduciary, insurance or loan in order to continuously secure profits for our clients.

view in the future

72MaxEx plans to reach 10 million cloud computing user experiences worldwide by 2025.

To realize profit growth on multi-business investing in 2027, you need to work through the entire layout of blockchain assets

Reach the top of this business in 2028 and become the world’s first leading comprehensive service platform for blockchain assets from a single source!

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