Govmy represents new concepts, patents and technologies. We focus on exploring the beauty of the cell, revolutionizing the traditional concept of global oral beauty.

The origin of the government can be traced to the tireless pursuit of science and the tireless exploration of beauty.

In 2009, the chief scientist Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn received the Nobel Prize for her groundbreaking research into the protection of telomeres and telomerase mechanisms. This award is not only her personal pride but also sparked her strong interest in the field of oral beauty.

Through intensive collaboration with institutions such as the Australia DNA Anti-Aging Research Centre, the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn and her team have undertaken decades of effort and conducted over 3,000 experiments. Finally, in June 2019, they discovered recombinant aggregated signal peptides that were used for the first time in the field of oral beauty and became the core of the world's first anti-aging products at the cellular level.

In 2020, Govmy was officially launched based on scientific knowledge, improving the extracellular environment and targeted development of intracellular anti-aging products. The brand launched the Superconducting Muscle Drink Anti-Aging range, entering the global market and bringing a brand new oral beauty solution to consumers around the world.

Using a range of biological peptides, supercritical ergothioneine, black and white desert truffles, Aronia from Wunderberg and other premium ingredients, we search for the origin of unusual plants, restore youth through the power of nature and discover the innate power of the skin. We use patented technologies such as superconducting signal peptides and Ixmoy, which act on skin, muscle, fascia and bone, rebuilding the ligament cell microenvironment and achieving ligament tightening and rejuvenation.

Today, Govmy has become a leading brand in the field of cellular oral beauty, offering users health, youth and self-confidence. We will continue to devote ourselves to scientific research and product innovation, bringing users more surprises and achievements. With our unique scientific concepts and efficient beauty effects, we have won the favor of users worldwide.

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