With the explosion of blockchain and metaverse, the pace of research and development of AI artificial intelligence has also accelerated. All walks of life are gradually turning their attention to this cutting-edge technology, from the financial field to the Internet, the combination of AI artificial intelligence and current technology is becoming more and more close.

After years of research and development and technical construction and testing, AITN, another star project after BTC ETH IPFS, is about to open, as the world’s first blockchain field combined with physical application landing project, AITN It will soon officially start operations. AITN is an AI jointly initiated by the world-renowned ARTIFICIAL Intelligence Laboratory, a world-renowned AI artificial intelligence brain research and development company, together with the Global Blockchain Research Center and the Metacostem Alliance Intelligent application landing ecology.

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has partnered with DeepMind, the world’s leading artificial intelligence lab, to develop state-of-the-art machine algorithms for machine learning and systems neuroscience. AlphaGo, which was once popular all over the world, was developed from this. Not only that, in Google’s Google Brain project, it also helped Google build the world’s largest “neural network” and develop a neural network that can think like the human brain. At the same time, invest in the world-class SKEMA AI Global Laboratory to jointly develop data science and artificial intelligence algorithms to solve new problems facing real society.

Based on on-chain AI computing, AITN will launch a unique AI intelligent mining reward model, combined with blockchain, DeFi, NFT and other multi-field technologies, and use ecological tokenization to AITN As the basis for ecological applications, we continue to generate revenue through AITN applications. Users can participate in the ecological construction of AITN through pledge and LP, and enjoy application settlement rewards.

AITN has a global layout, all members of the ecosystem will jointly create an AI intelligent community, and the global ecosystem will continue to circulate applications and universal values ​​to form a global consensus.

AITN breaks down the barriers of the world. With the help of AI intelligence mode, all nodes involved in payment can complete transactions in the shortest possible time without complex information synchronization and reconciliation, which saves platform resources and reduces the risk in the user transaction process. The use of AI technology and blockchain technology to establish a trust mechanism to achieve the safe management of user funds.

It is this courage of AITN to constantly explore the boundaries of imagination. In the foreseeable future, AITN will have more room for appreciation. In the near future, the private placement of AITN is also about to be launched, and it will continue to pay attention to the dynamics of AITN, and will launch more sectors for global users to contribute to the development of the global financial ecosystem.

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