With the Metaverse concept stock Roblox listed in the United States on March 10, 2021, the Metaverse began to accelerate into people’s field of vision. Some people are very optimistic about the metaverse, calling it the “next-generation Internet”. Many giants have also laid out the metaverse, wanting to be the first to eat crabs. And new things are always accompanied by opportunities and challenges. And Facebook has recently changed its name to META, directly opening the stem universe.

FUE is a universal digital currency value interconnection ecosystem based on the creation of a full integrating ecosystem DeFi+NFT+GameFi, created by World Bank (WB) and top blockchain communities and teams.

In the FUE metaverse ecology, FUE realizes virtual and network interconnection through NFT and the interconnection of all things in the metaverse. , processes, data and things come together to make network connections more relevant and valuable.

In addition, the blockchain network supported by FUE Metaverse is not only a technology, but also a service model and solution, which has played an extremely important role in promoting the further development of the Internet industry. The future of blockchain will be “Internet of Everything + Interconnection of All Chains”. FUE is driving the arrival of the era of Internet of Everything with the support of strong technology, resources, governance, and community.

At the same time, FUE Metaverse issues value token FUE Token, which is a value token circulating in the FUE ecosystem and a functional token used on the platform. At the same time, FUE Token also provides support for the Internet of Everything in DeFi, NFT and GameFi, realizes the tokenization incentives of data and assets, and creates a new high-value token for global users and investors.

At present, FUE is ready to develop, based on the global market, aggregating the advantageous resources of various countries for multi-level docking, and successively set up branches in 24 cities including Berlin, New York, London, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, etc., with an international perspective and globalization. Covering and building top-level global business capabilities, boosting the leapfrog development of FUE’s global layout, and committed to providing diversified metaverse ecological services for global users.

FUE, a valuable Internet token incentive ecosystem based on NFT and Metaverse, looks forward to its explosion, let us wait and see.

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