Computing Artificial Intelligence, abbreviated as CAE, was established in 2018 by Bryan Butlerr, who now serves as Chief Technology Officer of the CAE team as well The vision of building the world’s largest distributed high-performance computing network based on blockchain technology jointly built by a group of crypto technology enthusiasts is to become the world’s largest high-performance computing network and build 5G + AI The most important infrastructure of the times.

With the development of blockchain technology and the improvement of the level of technology, the demand for GPUs is very strong, and the supply cannot keep up, resulting in the mainnet of CAE being very important, CAE in the early days of creation, Bryan Butlerr It has long been aware of the value of GPUs and huge market prospects, so the team has invested great energy in the GPU computing power track to provide high-performance GPU computing power for many enterprises, accumulating nearly the world 27 vendors deploy high-performance GPU cloud platforms based on the Computing Artificial Intelligence network, serving hundreds of enterprises and tens of thousands of AI developers.

Just as the mainnet of CAE introduced in the white paper is based on Boka Substrate, Computing Artificial Intelligence is also one of the very few high-performance computing projects in the blockchain industry that has achieved large-scale landing The ease of use of high- performance computing power networks and the promotion of commercialization have a positive role in promoting, CAE mainly serves artificial intelligence, visual rendering, various scenarios such as biopharmaceuticals and semiconductor simulations. However, with the development of 5G and high-performance computing power, cloud games have become an important trend, and many well-known games have begun to be cloudified, that is to say, all images, video rendering, and computing are completed in the cloud, and then transmitted to the terminal with audio and video streams; Such some of the more low-end consoles and mobile phones can also play 3A quality game masterpieces, which require a large number of GPUs to operate. CAE is already providing GPU computing power to some cloud game solutions, and then they will serve some cloud game operation platforms, just this scene will have millions of high-end GPU graphics card demand in the next 3-5 years, more than the whole The ETH mining market is still large. In this huge market, CAE is the only token to settle.

Technical advantages of CAE:

The CAE technology module is divided into three blocks: high-performance computing power network and blockchain mainnet, GPU cloud platform, involving 7 kinds of development languages.

  1. Based on the development of Substrate, the biggest feature of Poca’s ecology is its strong stability, and according to CAE’s plan, its blockchain mainnet will be on May 20, 2023 The GPU’s computing power main network was officially launched in March 2023.
  2. An economic incentive model that incorporates consensus computing power

What is the potential for CAE in the future?

Human society is transitioning from the information age to the intelligent age, the most important cornerstone of the intelligent era is high-performance computing power, especially GPU computing power, which is a trillion-dollar market, and the construction of distributed high-performance computing network has become an inevitable trend, the blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, cloud computing such technology integration and large-scale commercialization, this road is the only way for CAE to go, and its goal is to occupy a place in the global market. After 4 years of development, CAE has found large-scale application scenarios and formed the real circulation of CAE tokens. It is believed that with the development of time, CAE’s leading position in the field of distributed high-performance computing power will be known and recognized by more and more people.

CAE’s Economic Model:

Total number of tokens: 425,700,000 CAE

Subscription amount: 93,654,000 CAE (22% of total).

Conversion ratio: 1CAE = $5.46

Subscription time: 16:30 on October 6, 2022 – 23:30 on October 6, 2022

Announcement of the winning lot: 16:00 on October 7, 2022

Win rate: 17%.

Minimum subscription quantity: 6CAE

Where will the CAE IPO be opened?

After comprehensive consideration, CAE will open the initial ICO on the Belem platform, and when it goes online, Belem has a wealth of experience in ICOs and has done so 0 mistakes, which is the best choice for us CAE.

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