Drive the millennia-old road to explore the hometown of the pandas. With the care and support of the Administration Center of Cycling and Fencing of the General Administration of Sports of China, the Chinese Cycling Federation and the Sports Federation of Sichuan Province, and in close cooperation with the Sichuan Social Sports Guidance Center, Sichuan Cycling Association, Ya’an Municipal People’s Government and all counties and Districts, Cycling in Sichuan · Ya’an International Road Bicycle Race 2022 “Around the Ancient Tea Horse Road” (hereinafter referred to as “Road around Ya’an”). Recently, the curtain successfully ended in the “hometown of pandas” – Lushan, Ya’an.

With the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government accelerating the construction of a strong sports province and further promoting the “123456” development strategy of Sichuan sports, the “Tour round Ya’an” is becoming an influential brand event in China.

As an independent IP event brand of “Whole Tianfu Region” provincial, “Tour around Ya’an” always adheres to the concept of “people-centric” and “doing sports to the satisfaction of people” to continuously meet the growth of people’s needs for a better life.

This year is a year of great significance for the “Tour Around Ya’an”. First of all, the event has been upgraded three times in three years. This year, the event has been successfully promoted as an international event in China, which has an important pioneering meaning for athletes looking forward to the event’s restart and people from all walks of life looking forward to the rapid economic recovery.

In the past three years, with the increasing attention and influence of the “tour around Ya’an”, the popularity of the host place has been further enhanced, which has stimulated the comprehensive economic development of local sports tourism and played an important role in promoting sports consumption and promoting development of related industries.

On the one hand, the infrastructure construction of all districts and counties in Ya’an was further accelerated with the help of the “Tour round Ya’an”.

It is understood that Ya’an has invested heavily in infrastructure construction and improvement in recent years and launched the five-year campaign comprehensively to make up for the shortcomings of the national fitness facilities. During the period of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the city plans to increase the area of ​​sports facilities by more than 1 million square meters, with an average annual increase of 200,000 square meters; More than 6 sports parks that meet national and regional standards are being newly built or reconstructed and expanded; Promote the construction of a 15-minute fitness circuit in urban communities, and realize full coverage of city and community fitness facilities.

Second, the “Tour round Ya’an” effectively promotes the overall planning and coordinated development of competitive sports, grassroots sports and the sports industry in the region. Sichuan Agricultural University established the School Cycling Association. Currently, nearly 100 cyclists have long been active in various levels of competition. Hu Peng, a 22-year-old team player from Sichuan Agricultural University, won eighth place in the first competition. Gong Linlang, one of Hu Peng’s apprentices, takes part in the national professional cycling competition in his spare time.

Third, the “Tour Around Ya’an” contributed to building a “Strong Tourism City.” “Bicycle + Tourism” has become a new economic growth and growth point in Ya’an in the past three years. From the competition channel, the total presence of the city’s advertising slogan “Take an easy and convenient trip to Sichuan and see pandas in Ya’an” has exceeded 600 million people, and the annual growth rate of tourists to Ya’an ranks first in the province . Some experts commented that Ya’an is the only city in the province, along with the provincial capital Chengdu, to have established an “event city”.

One of the original purposes of the “Tour Around Ya’an” is to promote Ya’an through the event and polish the independent IP event brand “Cycling Around Sichuan”.

In the third year of the event, the organizing committee remained unchanged, insisting that improving the level of competition was not the sole direction of the “Tour Around Ya’an”. Although the Chinese Cycling Federation has clearly identified this year’s Tour round Ya’an as an international event in China, organizers believe this is just the beginning.

The “Ya’an Tour” is aimed at major domestic cycling events such as the “Qinghai Lake Tour” and the “Hainan Island Tour”. Now the event has been running successfully for three years and has achieved a “zero safety” accident. In terms of resource scarcity, the pattern of the three major domestic cycling events “a lake, an island and an ancient road” has emerged. There are still two years to go before the original goal of “build a nationally famous event within five years”. People can look forward to how to uphold the original intention, keep up with the trend of the times, and create an IP event brand with unique Sichuan characteristics!

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